Disctopia Indie Artists Profile: Who is T. Walker

Transform your nervous built-up energy into entirely of an explosion on stage.   T. Walker is a very diverse musical artist; with Neo Soul, R&B, and Hip Hop influences, T accepts all genres. During their high school years, he played the baritone and tuba, but as he got older, he found that his voice was […]

5 Disctopia Artists To Watch Out For in 2022

Disctopia Artists to Watch out for in 2022

Every new year symbolizes a beginning for artists ready to impact the music industry. Like you have career goals, these Disctopia artists to watch out for in 2022 are prepared to make waves beyond their horizon. Remember that in 2021, there was a rise in the number of super-talented individuals; we expect nothing less this […]

Why Will Kanye West Share His Contracts?

All it took was a tweet to announce what he believed will change the relationship between music artists and record labels forever. Three minutes later, Kanye West went ahead to share every page of his music contract with Universal Music Group in another tweet. From his tweet’s tone, Kanye was pleading to every lawyer to […]

5 Killer Quora Answers on Independent Music

Quora is likable to being the queen of internet forums and an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning about any subject. The edge the forum has over other question-and-answer forums is due to its highly moderated content. As a community, Quora is built on trust, and the members rely on each other for information […]

10 Best Mobile Apps for Independent Music

10 Mobile Devices

Technology has hugely altered the musical landscape. As an indie musician, by embracing the technologies available, you can get ahead. We are far from the era of relying on studio access and costly equipment to make good music, write, fine-tune, and promote your music. In this blog post, we are focusing on the Best Mobile […]

Doja Cat Doesn’t Mind Controversy

There are plenty of new artists that are gaining traction in the music industry, but few of them have the kind of impact that Doja Cat has had recently. The artist might only be 24, but it is becoming quite clear that the rapper/singer is here to stay. She has recently released an album that […]