“What a Time to Be Alive” for the Coming Year

At this point, Future and Drake are the rap games equivalence of Basketball’s LeBron and Wade. They’re literally peanut butter and jelly. For two years (2015-2016), it felt like you could not see one without seeing the other. Back in 2016 before Drake dropped the tracklist for his album “Views”, it was almost a given to know Future would be featured. With their growing musical relationship, came growing musical chemistry. That chemistry is at a full display on Future’s new song, “Life Is Good”.

What a time to be alive
Drake and Future- Photo Cred: Rap-Up.com

For weeks there’s been talk about Future and Drake potentially releasing “What A Time To Be Alive 2”. Also, over the last week, we’ve seen the two filming a then-unknown video. With that information, I was surprised to see that it was just for a Future song featuring Drake (“Life is Good”). But regardless, I was still excited to see what they came up with. Upon first listen, I didn’t find anything special about the song. Drakes lyrics and flow weren’t anything to call home about. The beat switch into Futures verse didn’t necessarily help. I thought it was an early 2020 fumble by Future and Drake until I listened again…

Within my second listen, I finally got a feel for both beats and got into their flow and verses. The song isn’t anything groundbreaking or crazy, but it holds up for Future and Drake samples. I won’t lie- I’ll be disappointed if this offering is just a song for Futures album and we don’t get the sequel to WATTBA, that we all deserve.