5 Disctopia Artists To Watch Out For in 2022

Disctopia Artists to Watch out for in 2022

Every new year symbolizes a beginning for artists ready to impact the music industry. Like you have career goals, these Disctopia artists to watch out for in 2022 are prepared to make waves beyond their horizon.

Remember that in 2021, there was a rise in the number of super-talented individuals; we expect nothing less this year. Being one of the music platforms for independent musicians, we have an array of independent artists we believe will blow up in 2022.

If you love indie music, continue scrolling as we reel out 5 Disctopia artists to watch out for in 2022;


There’s a uniqueness about EMJA, and it’s how he approaches HipHop and Rap. He’s the definition of unorthodox and different. Of course, it’s a massive diversion from those he referred to as his musical influence: Tupac, Notorious B.I.G, Kanye West, and Drake.

EMJA’s journey into music started with his 2014 Forever EP. We are still drooling on EMJA’s Class of the UNDA DAWGAs the year 2022 rolls by, all of us at Disctopia are hopeful of the magic that EMJA will create, going from an underdog to becoming an established voice.





With three albums to his name, NiGE HOOD is fast becoming a true veteran of the indie music scene. Seeing the impact of his previous albums, there’s indeed more to come from him, and we expect a shocker from him in 2022.

NiGE HOOD is not a small fry but an artist whose works depict free-spiritedness and love of life. We look forward to more music that uplifts his audience and provides comfort.


3. DJ Fannie Mae

You might have heard DJ Fannie Mae bringing the party to your doorstep in Tokyo, Charlotte, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. She does that all year round, and we expect a repeat in 2022. DJ Fannie Mae is the official DJ of the Charlotte Football Club.

DJ Fannie Mae thinks of herself as more than just an act; she is a community builder and an advocate for inclusivity.

At Disctopia, we expect more from DJ Fannie Mae in 2022; we hope she’ll make music beautiful enough to extend beyond Charlotte.

4. Walker

Walkeris not just a hip-hop artist, he’s also a spoken word artist who allows his music to do the talking. Over the years, T. Walker has churned out fantastic music, and he’s not showing signs of slowing down soon. 

For 2022, we look forward to seeing the giant strides that T. Walker will make.

Dutch Young

Get ready to listen to an actively real hip-hop artist. It is believed that Dutch Young’s music is one of the realness absent in the hip-hop game today. There are a lot of Dutch songs in the making, and there’s no slowing down soon.

Get familiar with the name, and it’s one you’ll be hearing regularly soon. For 2022, we are anticipating what Dutch Young has in mind.

Key Takeaways on the Disctopia Artists to Watch Out for in 2022

We do not doubt that the skills, determination, and hunger of every artist on the Disctopia will bring to the game in 2022. While we might have identified five artists in this listicle, there are still hundreds more to watch out for.

At the end of the year, you’ll agree with us that there’s a renewed hunger to succeed by these indie artists.