Disctopia Makes Reporting Improvements In Readiness For IAB Certification

IAB Certification

We’re indeed happy to announce that we’ve recently made improvements to our reporting and analytics at Disctopia. We want to make it easy for podcasters, regardless of their experience in the industry, to make decisions that work best for their show. The new improvements are in line with IAB Tech Lab’s Podcast Measurement Technical Guideline 2.1, which is based on four metrics; Download, Listener, Ad Delivered, and Client Confirmed Ad Play.

The reporting update by Disctopia is geared towards arriving at an accurate reporting of our creator’s metrics. Disctopia has earlier launched a dashboard that delivers deep reporting and analytics to creators on the platform. Called the “True Play” Dashboard, the patent-pending system accurately measures streams and downloads by relying on the participation of the listeners. Other metrics on the True Play Dashboard include daily listenership, user engagement retention, streams’ geographic location, and others.

IAB Certification,IAB Certified

However, this new update takes the podcast hosting platform to a new standard by aligning itself with the industry standard and best practices. Currently, Disctopia being an IAB Tech Lab partner, is on its way to being IAB Certified.

Because of the new advanced filtering (filtering out bots & scrapers), users may see a drop in their reported stats, that’s because we are now ensuring that we only report on actual downloads and plays.

What Does It Mean To be IAB Certified? 

By becoming IAB Certified, Disctopia will be fully compliant with the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guideline. The certification is granted after an audit by a third-party firm stating that Disctopia strictly adheres to IAB’s standards.

The IAB Measurement Guidelines has standard metrics and technical specifications that regulates podcast measurement and eliminate all forms of analytics discrepancies.

What Does The IAB Certification Imply For Podcasters? 

Disctopia has always emphasized the need for the financial freedom of creators. With the IAB Certification, monetizing a podcast show has become easier for podcasters. They can quantify the reach of their podcast show.

There are also advertisers who only work with IAB Certified podcasts, thereby opening up more advertising options for podcasters. While podcasters on the Disctopia platform may experience changes in their analytics, you should know that your metrics are now in line with the industry’s measuring standards.

Head straight to your Disctopia Dashboard to explore the look and feel of your analytics.