The TruePlay Content Creator Awards is a distinguished event that celebrates content creators’ artistic and innovative achievements in podcasts, music, and film. This contest-driven awards ceremony acknowledges these dynamic fields’ extraordinary talents and groundbreaking works. Every winner is recognized and awarded a $5,000 grant to help the content owner push their dreams to the next level. 

TruePlay Innovative Podcaster Award

This award celebrates outstanding achievements in podcast production, encompassing the art of storytelling, ingenuity, captivating audience interest, and exceptional technical finesse. It recognizes not just the finest podcast creations but also those that push innovation’s boundaries.

A grand prize of $5,000 will be awarded
Content Creator,Awards
Content Creator,Awards

TruePlay Outstanding Artist Award

Disctopia started its roots In music, so the TruePlay Award for music awards honors outstanding achievements in various genres, originality in composition, and exceptional musical talent. Let’s celebrate the hardworking musicians and artists who deserve more recognition for their creative talent.

Accepting Applications on May 27th 2024
Content Creator,Awards
Content Creator,Awards

TruePlay Captivating Film Award

This award celebrates the cinematic artistry of short films and documentaries. Awards are given for the most captivating and engaging film. The award celebrates the films that dare to be creative and push the limits of visual storytelling – they inspire us to think beyond the conventional and unlock new worlds of imagination.

Accepting Applications on October 1st 2024

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