Doja Cat Doesn’t Mind Controversy

There are plenty of new artists that are gaining traction in the music industry, but few of them have the kind of impact that Doja Cat has had recently. The artist might only be 24, but it is becoming quite clear that the rapper/singer is here to stay. She has recently released an album that has garnered a significant amount of praise, Hot Pink, and many of the songs are considered to be some of the best pop songs of recent years. There is also something else that is clear: Doja Cat doesn’t mind being controversial at all.

The old saying that “controversy sells” still appears to be relevant here. There are countless situations where feuds between artists have helped them both create hit songs. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry had a rift several years ago, which led to smashing hit songs like Swift’s “Bad Blood,” and Perry’s “Swish Swish.” Doja is also starting feuds of her own. Here are some of the latest things that Doja Cat has done that has helped her gain visibility.

The Music

Fans do love music, and Doja Cat has been able to craft some hit songs that many fans appreciate. Her video, “Say So,” was only released a month ago, and already enjoys almost 70 million views on Youtube. The song is a sultry and smooth love song, but Doja Cat has already shown that she can rap with the best of them on songs like “Juicy,” featuring Tyga. This remains one of Doja Cat’s biggest songs to date, where she shows off her sex appeal. The video has over 105 million views to date, as of press time.

It’s no secret that Cardi B is one of the most prominent female artists on the planet, and she has managed to rack up 69 million views on a recent video, “Press.” However, there is a big difference here: Cardi B boasts over four times the subscribers that Doja Cat does, indicating that she might have more pop-star momentum than many other artists currently. It might not be significant to the average fan, but it’s these types of statistics that the music industry loves to know about when it comes to star power and potential.

The Feuds

Doja Cat has emerged onto the scene recently, and it’s not like she’s churned out five years worth of hits. However, she already enjoys a rabid fanbase. Many might believe that this is the point in her career where she would try to remain as diplomatic as possible, but the truth is that Doja Cat doesn’t appear to care who she offends. She recently got in hot water with Nicki Minaj fans, for suggesting that the platinum rapper’s most ardent supporters can be toxic. Doja Cat went out of her way to take shots, calling Nicki Minaj fans “Twitter gangsters.”

Doja Cat is a rapper, and Nicki Minaj is easily the most important and influential female rapper in the past decade. Meg Thee Stallion, another famous rapper, has gone out of her way to pay homage to Minaj, but it appears as though Doja Cat doesn’t care to associate herself with Minaj. This action led to a trending topic by the name of #DojaCatIsOverParty, which likely won’t affect her career trajectory in any meaningful way.

One might suggest or downplay this as Doja Cat simply being emotional at the moment, but it’s also essential to address the fact that she mocked a Cardi B single. Cardi B reportedly was angered by this, even though the beef never led to any actual songs being directed towards each other.

A Sense Of Humor

It can be tough for young artists to navigate through social media these days. An artist might make a joke, only for fans to tag an artist and insist that shots are being fired. One of the reasons that Doja Cat has been so successful is because she entered the music industry without taking herself too seriously.

Doja Cat might make hilarious music videos, and not be afraid to laugh at herself, but that doesn’t mean that others haven’t pointed out that some of her tweets are quite controversial. The artist has previously apologized for her homophobic tweets, and she has only become more successful since the tweets were revealed. Ultimately, her sense of humor has helped her skate through the scandals.

After all, this is the same artist that trolled her way into a hit single, where she dressed up like a cow. The lo-fi song inspired a viral music video, which led to her fan bases growing exponentially. Doja Cat still appears to be having fun, even if she doesn’t mind causing trouble, either. She recently surprised her fans with a Minecraft parody performance several days ago.