Disctopia Indie Artists Profile: Who is T. Walker

Transform your nervous built-up energy into entirely of an explosion on stage.


T. Walker is a very diverse musical artist; with Neo Soul, R&B, and Hip Hop influences, T accepts all genres. During their high school years, he played the baritone and tuba, but as he got older, he found that his voice was his primary instrument which he hoped to master. He aspires to work with SZA, Willow Smith, Damien Marley, Erykah Badu, and Future. He also wants to work with Noname Gypsy, the most underrated growing artist. Walker gains some inspiration from old records like Aquemini, It’s Dark and Hell is Hot, College Dropout, and Carter 2. Some of his favorite artists are Andre 3000, Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, DMX, Lil Wayne, and Tupac.

Regarding people who have helped T. Walker with his music career, he speaks of Ron Beatty acting as an orchestrator. Ron helped him take steps in putting together projects and performing. Ever since then T. Walker has truly been making it on his own independently. His proudest accomplishment musically is a song called “Facts,” which is featured on his Strictly4MyNegus. This track showed authentic vulnerability through venting and self-expression. He speaks about his true feelings regarding the times, his generation, and history. This last album’s motivation was capturing the voice and sense of today. He was taking daily conversations and thoughts, and emotions from around him and creating music. T. Walker also has an organization called SOUL Society, a community empowerment and Youth Mentoring non-profit organization focused on arts and economics, which gave him a new purpose and direction.

T. Walker’s Latest Track — Heavy Energy

T. Walker enjoys the time and control he has as a result of being an indie artist. He prefers to work in an organic environment where nothing is ever forced, and he can get out what he needs to without limitations. Being an indie artist, Walker also has the freedom of spontaneity; he is able to release projects whenever without having to check in with anybody. He advises beginning indie artists to use this time for growth and learning. Being an indie artist is all about self-discovery and figuring things out for yourself. During his beginning stage of being an independent artist, most of his learning came from developing and recording his sound, so embracing this level of entrepreneurship by any means is critical to starting your independence.

While performing, he can transform his nervous built-up energy into entirely of an explosion on stage. “Nervous energy has been a plus for me. It’s always good for nervous energy. I’m ready to get on stage and get into my element.” T. Walker is a good listener because he is very relateable; he is the voice, thoughts, and emotions. He is a brother, a friend, a mentor, and more. In all actuality, he is just sharing experience and honesty from shared views and in differences.