How To Start a Podcast Series: a 15-Step Guide

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In just a few years, podcasting has gone from being a niche to mainstream. By the end of 2021, the number of United States monthly podcast listeners would have grown to 117.8 million. Take this number side by side with the 331.4 million total population of the United States. Podcasting isn’t just about the United States; significant growth is being experienced elsewhere, especially in Latin America.

How to Start a Podcast

Now, we want to simplify the process of starting a podcast. In this guide, we’ll explore how to start a podcast. We are focusing on how to start a podcast from scratch without an existing audience.

If you inject the same energy we’ve invested into this guide, you’ll know how to start a podcast and be fully motivated to get it started in no time.

What’s In Our Guide on How To Start a Podcast?

  1. Why You Should Start a Podcast?
  2. Who is Your Podcast For Targeting and Identifying Your Listeners
  3. Choosing a Niche and a Name for Your Podcast
  4. Planning Your Podcast
  5. How to Choose Episode Titles for your Podcast
  6. How To Pick Out Software and Equipment Needed to Start a Podcast
  7. Learning How to Use a Mic as a Podcaster
  8. Scripting Your Shows
  9. Choosing a Podcast Host
  10. How and Where to Get Music For Your Podcast
  11. Outsourcing The Editing and Graphics of Your Podcast
  12. How to Submit Your Podcast To Directories
  13. How To Promote Your Podcast
  14. How Do I Start a Podcast Blog and Website
  15. What Happens After Launching Your Podcast


You see, starting a podcast isn’t difficult; follow these 15 steps and be patient. At Disctopia, we’ve seen numerous podcast shows go from zero audiences to becoming a top-rated podcast. Let’s get your podcast show off the ground, shall we?