5 Killer Quora Answers on Independent Music

Quora is likable to being the queen of internet forums and an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning about any subject. The edge the forum has over other question-and-answer forums is due to its highly moderated content.

As a community, Quora is built on trust, and the members rely on each other for information and guidance. That’s not to say you’ll find all the answers you need on the forum, but you’ll see the pointers you need.

In this blog post, we’ll provide Quora answers on independent music to some of the most critical questions on the subject.

  1. What is the best way you can find Indie Music? – Quora

Any indie music fan knows there’s too much music out there, and finding good ones isn’t easy. There are millions of music on Spotify and Soundcloud; you won’t even know when great music passes you by.

Let’s rely on some tips revealed by indie artists themselves on finding indie music.

Firstly, you’ll have to trust Soundcloud and Spotify’s recommendation. Their algorithms are fine-tuned to display what you’ll consider as excellent. Another option is to visit indie music blogs often, check through their song reviews, and you’ll find something you love.

2. Why is Indie Music Music Underrated?- Quora

Indie music isn’t underrated; the artists are. The problem with indie music is that much of it is undiscovered despite its growing popularity. While many people listen to indie music, they don’t usually associate with it.

I am not forgetting that the best music isn’t always on the radio, TV, and playlists. The onus falls on indie music fans to take pride in the genre.

That’s why there’s a growing list of underrated indie artists or indie songs on the internet. Only a few know about the beauty being created by these talented artists.

3. How Can You Promote Indie Music?- Quora

There’s a growing resource on the promotion of indie music on Disctopia. I will not forget that Disctopia is a platform dedicated to promoting indie artists and other creatives. The platform gives total financial liberty and freedom to indie artists.

There’s no rule of thumb for a cut on how to promote indie music. You can start by reading these books on indie music promotion. While also ensuring that you have all the resources you need to succeed as an indie artist.

Most importantly, don’t expect opportunities to fall into your lap; you must go out there and find it. This Quora Answers on Independent Music is highly sought after by indie artists.

4. If Indie Music Becomes Popular, Is It Still Indie? –Quora

Yes, it is still indie. Indie music isn’t indie because an artist is yet to find fame. Instead, it is a choice to retain complete creative freedom and liberty as an artist. In the simplest form, it connotes an artist isn’t signed to any major record label.

An independent artist can become popular, and today, we have big acts that are still indie.

People at the time expected indie artists to sound a certain way, and they believed that’s why they were alternative or indie. An indie artist may choose to adopt popular sounds instead of being unique.

5. Is Chance The Rapper Truly an Independent Artist? – Quora

This is related to question 4. Chance the Rapper is famous and may be the most prominent indie artist. He has no partnership or affiliation with any major record label or rap group.

Furthermore, the fact that he is a rapper does not remove the indie tag from his music. You can sing any genre and still be an indie artist.

The delineating line is whether or not an artist is signed to a record label.