Disctopia Brand Assets & Identity Guidelines

Looking for the official “Now Playing” Disctopia badges?

Badges & Buttons (Official Downloads)

Music & Podcasts

Create a clear and memorable call to action by including the Disctopia badge in digital and printed marketing materials.

Use the badge when linking to episodes, shows, or channels on Disctopia.


The Artwork

Use only the badge artwork provided by Disctopia. Never create your own Disctopia badge or change the artwork in any way.

If you create marketing material for the web or onscreen communications, use the high-resolution scalable artwork in the SVG format. 

Disctopia Brand Assets

Other Approved Disctopia Badges:

Disctopia Brand Assets
Disctopia Brand Assets

Exclusively Disctopia

Are you exclusively on Disctoipia? Here are tips on how to maximize your efforts and increase your content’s reach.

  • Make sure your content is the focus of your message.
  • Communicate what your content is about and the benefits it provides potential listeners/viewers.
  • Provide the direct link to your content on Disctoia to make it easy to find and play/listen to.
  • Refer to Disctopia and use phrases such as “Play it on Disctopia” so users know how to listen.

Some Recommended Messaging

  • Listen to “Podcast Show or Channel Name” on Disctopia.
  • If you love the show, share it with a friend on Disctopia.
  • Never miss an episode. Follow “Podcast Show” on the Disctiopia Mobile App to get new episodes as they become available.
  • Start a free trial of “Podcast Show or Channel Name” on Disctopia.
  • Find all of our shows in the “Channel Name” channel on Disctopia.
Disctopia Brand Assets
Approved Disctopia Badges for Merch:
Disctopia Brand Assets