We are dedicated to artists authors podcasters content creators musicians producers film makers who dare to dream.

Creatives are what we do. Since we’re a creator’s first platform, we’re non-exclusive and only aim to complement and enhance our users’ existing digital independent businesses. We want to make creative content more valuable by giving users a platform to distribute it to their fans, followers, and subscribers. We give independent artists, authors, podcasters, labels, filmmakers, and distributors the flexibility they need to make the best decisions for their careers.

Disctopia wants to be the global streaming and hosting platform for independent content creators. By enabling independents to compete in the ever-changing world of digital media, our platform adds genuine value to the global digital market.

Disctopia has compiled some of the best independent content creators through licensed curation and direct submission, allowing independent media to be represented and valued in the digital market.

Disctopia gives real efficiency to digital services (including schools and private companies). We provide the opportunity to generate global distribution without the hassle of intermediaries – via a single platform, instead of sending your content to a bunch of overcrowded streaming services – the most important thing for creators is to stand out.

Disctopia is 100% transparent with its terms. We pay the most per stream in the B2C space & never take a commission from direct downloads (download copies or merchandise sales) or streams. Let artists truly be free, and these direct-purchase downloads can pile up. You can also split payments automatically between band members, producers, writers, and managers with Disctopia.

Disctopia is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.