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As a true indie platform, we give you creative freedom for albums and other original music. Upload it all in one place. Then you can set your music to be downloadable for digital sales or even stream only. 


You’ve perfected your content and its premium quality – don’t you think it’s time you were paid for it? With more features and flexibility than any other platform, Disctopia gives podcasters the most power. 


Creators with a growing fan base need to sell merch without any upfront cost with easy print-on-demand drop shipping and fulfillment services – all integrated! No need for inventory! 


Coming Soon - Late 2021

Short Films, Music videos, TV shows, & Podcasts videos all have a place at Disctopia. Your content can be linked-to one account, so your fanbase grows fast.

Our Platform.
Your Potential.
Let’s Work Together.

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Whether you’re dreaming of ditching your day job, going viral, or launching a lifestyle brand – Disctopia is the platform for your potential. We recognize that artists need the freedom to create so we don’t tell you what you can’t do – we tell you what you can. Subscribe to our platform and see for yourself how we’re working for artists like you.

Perfect for Creatives

We imagine a future where fair play is the norm, fans fuel the culture, and everyone can prosper–not just record labels and corporations, but the artists, podcasters, and creatives themselves

Exceeding Expectations

We want to create something that does more than just look nice on a page. How are the creative stories of the future going to look like?

Great Software! I brought it for the podcast hosting and looking to transfer all my podcasts over to the platform.
J. Berry
Easy Setup! I'm interested in starting a podcast but haven't invested in hosting until I found Disctopia. While I don't have experience with their competitors, I think Disctopia makes it very easy to set up your channel, add episodes, and link your RSS feeds with the other podcast distributors.
S. Smith
Podcaster & Musician
UNLIMITED Potential! This is like a dream come true for Media Agencies doing full management of client podcasts, music, etc.
G. Dudley
Agency Owner
Podcasters Goldmine! This platform is going places fast. The active way they are growing the platform is exciting. I did see a few issues that I was having with the platform and reached out with an outline, and the issues got fixed within a couple of days. I think this might be the best purchase I've made
D. Simie
FIVE Stars! Ever wanted to start a podcast or music radio? Disctopia's process is so easy, I created mine by just filling the information fields, done, it's published on their platform and now I have the RSS feed to publish somewhere else as well.
N. Burns
Radio Host & Podcaster
I love IT! I migrated my podcast over and launched a new one on Disctopia. Either way, both are easy to use. And there is so much potential here - especially with their monetization strategy. Very cool.
H. Patton
Artist & Podcaster

A Podcaster’s Paradise.

You’ve perfected your content and its premium quality – don’t you think it’s time you were paid for it? With more features and flexibility than any other podcast hosting platform, Disctopia gives podcasters the most power. Choose which podcasts to make available for streaming and which to make exclusive to subscribers. Add download options, distribution & merch, and your big dreams just got bigger. The possibilities are plentiful with Disctopia and entirely in your hands.

Your Music. Your Podcasts. Your Content. Anywhere.

Our mobile app delivers indie content from Disctopia to fans and creatives worldwide. Already purchased content from another platform? Use the Disctopia app to access it all.

Revolutionize the Future for Creatives. Choose Fair Play.

One Platform. For Everyone

Each subscription of Disctopia comes with top-flight customer service, free support — and a lifetime of original content and updates. Cancel anytime.

Simple and straightforward pricing for indie creatives and their fans. Each Disctopia plan supports indie creatives directly.


Access curated collection of exclusive, subscriber-only artist content including music, podcasts, and videos.
$ 6
  • Stream Exclusive Music & Podcasts


Upload your albums, or start a podcast. Become a true indie content creator. No commission fees, with Collab Pay & Weekly Payouts.
$ 9
  • Stream Exclusive Videos
  • Upload Albums & Podcasts


Upload your albums, start a podcast, along with merch integration. No commission fees, with Collab Pay & Weekly Payouts
$ 19
  • Upload Videos
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Merch Integration


Ready to boss up? Are you an artist or podcaster with a team? Do you have an Indie or upcoming record label? The agency and label subscription will allow you to manage 7 team members. All team members will have Creative+ access
$ 99
  • Team Members
  • Custom Domains


Stream free Indie Music & Curated Podcasts
$ 0
  • No Ads or User Tracking