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Sell your creative digital work. Any price. No Commissions. No Obligations. EVER! What an artist wants the most is true freedom, so that everyone can prosper - not just record labels, studios, and publishing conglomerates, but the creative artist themselves. A Creative Apocalypse.

Disctopia Artist

Why You'll Love Disctopia

Disctopia is a place where an artist can be an artist. You can upload songs, set your price, and sell them without having to worry about commissions.

Find. Explore. Discover.

Creative content that has been organically sourced from the true artists who believe in themsleves.

Everybody is an artist. Therefore other artist can purchase your songs, follow you, like your music, and create playlists. The best part, we will even keep track of your sales, followers, and likes. Whether you are a creator or admirer, true happiness as an artist is where you to be just that, an artist!


Mind blowing Multi-payments

Artists keep all sales and share revenue with collaborators

100% of all artist sales go directly to the artist from your fans & admirers worldwide. Disctopia also allows artists to automatically split payments with collaborators.

Music Plans

A plan for every music enthusiast
and professional muscian.
Everybody is an Artist

Fan Account


  • Download & Stream Free Albums
  • Á la carte song purchasing
  • Online Streaming* (purchased & free songs only)
  • OFFline Streaming* (3 downloads per purchased track)
  • Up to 5 Devices
  • No Advertisng

Artist Account

$9/mo | $89/yr

  • Everything in the Fan Account Plus...
  • Upload Unlimited Original Songs to Promote
  • Weekly Artist Payouts
  • Artist Reporting
  • Artist Collaboration
  • Unlimited Online Streaming

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Creating Account

Creating Account

Artist Registration