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What's Disctopia?

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Disctopia is a dynamic streaming platform and podcast hosting company dedicated to supporting and empowering content creators. The company provides various services and tools for artists, podcasters, and content creators, including enterprise content delivery, advanced podcast hosting, and over 50 integrations to help streamline their workflow and reach wider audiences. Disctopia prides itself on its commitment to curation and quality, ensuring its users have access to the best possible tools and resources to grow their businesses and create content that connects with their audiences. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or starting out, Disctopia is the ideal platform for anyone looking to build a thriving online presence.

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Perfect for Creatives

Revolutionize the Future & Choose Fair Play.

We imagine a future where fair play is the norm, fans fuel the culture, and everyone can prosper–not just record labels and corporations, but the artists, podcasters, and creatives themselves

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The Podcaster's Utopia. Seriously.

You’ve perfected your content and its premium quality – don’t you think it’s time you were paid for it? With more features and flexibility than any other podcast hosting platform, Disctopia gives podcasters the most power. Choose which podcasts to make available for streaming and which to make exclusive to subscribers. Add download options, distribution & merch, and your big dreams just got bigger. The possibilities are plentiful with Disctopia and entirely in your hands.

Curated Content. Anywhere.

Disctopia is not only a host for your creative content such as podcasts and music. Disctopia also is a Streaming Platform for your dedicated audience. Our mobile app delivers your curated content worldwide. Your fans, followers, and clients can access your content anytime on iOS and Android. 

One Platform. For Everyone

Each subscription of Disctopia comes with top-flight customer service, free support — and a lifetime of original content and updates. Cancel anytime.

Simple and straightforward pricing for indie creatives and their fans. Each Disctopia plan supports indie creatives directly.


Access curated collection of exclusive, subscriber-only artist content including music, podcasts, and videos.
$ 6
  • Stream Exclusive Music & Podcasts


Upload your albums, or start a podcast or audiobooks. Become a true indie content creator. No commission fees, with Collab Pay & Weekly Payouts.
$ 9
  • Stream Exclusive Videos
  • Upload Albums & Podcasts


Upload your albums, start a podcast, or audiobooks along with merch integration. No commission fees, with Collab Pay & Weekly Payouts
$ 19
  • Everything in the Creative Plan
  • Upload Videos
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Merch Integration


Ready to boss up? Are you an artist or podcaster with a team? Do you have an Indie or upcoming record label? The agency and label subscription will allow you to manage 7 team members. All team members will have Creative+ access
$ 99
  • Everything in the Creative+ Plan
  • Team Members
  • Custom Domains


Stream free Indie Music & Curated Podcasts
$ 0
  • No Ads or User Tracking

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