In terms of listenership, revenue, and other metrics, the podcast industry has grown rapidly in the last decade. Similarly, counterfeiting of podcasts is on the rise. The podcast industry is faced with the same piracy issue as the movie and music industries did at one point. Disctopia incorporates the Podcast 2.0 Namespace and Lock and Funding tags to help podcasters grow.

Disctopia Incorporates Podcast 2.0 Namespace
Disctopia Incorporates Podcast 2.0 Namespace

What is the Podcast Index? 

There are two parts to the Podcast Index, sometimes used interchangeably. There are also new variations floating around, so let’s start by explaining a bit of terminology and how we will use it. 

Podcast 2.0 consists essentially of the grouping of tags developed by the Podcast Index team. 

They are often grouped as Podcast 2.0. This is not to be confused with RSS 2.0, which is what Disctopia already delivers. 

With Podcast 2.0 Namespace, we can provide our podcasters with the security and safety they need for their creative work. At Disctopia, we believe that the Podcast Index is a robust solution for our podcasters’ revenue. It is relatively straightforward to implement Podcast 2.0 Namespace; podcast apps and sites are receiving a wealth of information directly in the RSS feed.

Disctopia is compliant with the podcast-namespace, so all platform links are exposed in your RSS feed

Disctopia will immediately be providing technical support for the “locked” and “funding” tags in the new Podcast 2.0 Namespace;  


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