How To Start a Podcast Merch Business | Tips and Ideas

How to Start a Podcast

Making money as a podcaster or indie artist isn’t easy. Yes, there are ways to make money as a podcaster. But most require advertising or affiliate links. This can be time-consuming and tedious for your listeners. Plus, the money you earn from those methods is usually insufficient. You can’t use it to support yourself or your […]

5 Principles of Psychology to Improve and Sell Indie Music

Principles of Psychology to Improve and Sell More Indie Music

As an indie artist, you have a powerful tool in your hand to improve your revenue, and it’s the principles of psychology. Music has always been an important aspect of the human subconscious. It affects our state of mind, memory recall, energy level, and behavior. That’s why thousands of brands rely on music in connecting […]

24 Hours To Improving Your Independent Music Distribution

Independent music distribution

There is a need to create a link between your music and your fans through an independent music distribution outlet. Music promotion is not complete until you create the perfect independent music distribution strategy. Before now, independent artists rely on brick and mortar music distributors to get their music in their listeners’ hands. Things took […]

6 Facebook Pages to Follow About Independent Music

Facebook page for independent music

Facebook has proven over time to be a powerful yet underutilized tool for network within the music industry. You know, these days, everyone seems to have got the hang of Facebook, and there are numerous Facebook Page for Independent music. That’s not to take away the ten-year-olds that continue to lie about their age to […]

5 Creative Indie Music Release Models For Maximum Impact

Indie Music Release Models

We recently saw Kanye West poured out vitriol on major record labels on the terms of his contracts. While Kanye West might have applied the wrong delivery in taking record labels to the court of public opinion, his message is nonetheless relevant. Kanye West has made upcoming artists realize the unfair business practices that have […]

Music Promotion Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters

There’s rarely any artist that isn’t bothered about the understanding of music promotion. That’s why we’ll be taking time today to explain the basics of music promotion. To make it simpler to understand, we’ll be approaching it like a tweet. We’ll be sending out seven tweets about music promotion; 1/7- How will you feel after […]

10 Celebrities Who Should Consider a Career in Music Promotion

career in music promotion

Not so many celebrities who have tested the waters with musical career have succeeded. Only a handful have been able to cross into the music industry and recorded a tremendous amount of success. Only if these celebrities have tried music promotion rather than being musicians, a number of these celebrities would have leveraged their vast […]

The Next Big Thing in Independent Music

The independent music industry is taking shape and evolving faster than ever. Every year, there is a new platform, shaping how fans consume music. Today, technologies have put creative tools in the hands of people who don’t use to have such access. All of these have made predicting the future of independent music quite a […]