6 Facebook Pages to Follow About Independent Music

Facebook page for independent music

Facebook has proven over time to be a powerful yet underutilized tool for network within the music industry. You know, these days, everyone seems to have got the hang of Facebook, and there are numerous Facebook Page for Independent music. That’s not to take away the ten-year-olds that continue to lie about their age to join Facebook.

As an indie artist, Facebook Pages and Groups can give you a clear view of what is obtainable within the independent music industry. You know there are Facebook pages that allow you to connect with your potential fans. Some groups grant your access to industry insiders or the ones that can bring about tons of opportunities for you as an indie artist.

Facebook Page for Independent music

When you know the Facebook pages to follow, it can be a game-changer for your independent music career. While we will be recommending about 6 of these Facebook Pages, you should make only 2 of 3 your base. Don’t also forget to give more than you take on these Facebook pages.

Below, you’ll find 6 Facebook Pages that can change your fortune around as an indie artist. These Facebook pages will provide you with all information and support you need to succeed;

1. DIY Tour Postings

As an Indie Artist who is hitting the roads soon on tour, your itinerary is not complete without visiting DIY Tour Postings. Let’s assume there are still a few of your dates unfilled; you need not worry if you announce it on the Facebook Page.

Not forgetting that within the numerous chatter, you’ll find invaluable touring advice worth more than Gold.

2. Music Biz Besties

As a woman in the Independent Music Space, the Music Biz Besties is a haven when you can ask for support, ask questions and grow their music careers. Even though it’s not specifically for Indie artists, the resource available cannot be ignored.

Not to forget that it has a weekly music industry job listing where you can find side gigs for quick bucks.

3. Female Indie Musician Community

According to the group description, it’s designed to surround you with people who get you and understand your dreams as an indie artist. This Facebook page for independent music is a place where insights, tips, resources, and more are shared to help you grow your indie music career.

Don’t forget that this Facebook page is strictly meant for the female folks.

4. Music Industry Career Networking Group

This Facebook Page dates as far back as 2006, and it’s like the Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo of our list. The group has a clear focus, connecting job seekers within the indie music segment with potential job opportunities.

If you wonder how this happens, you’ll need to pay a visit to this Facebook page for independent music.

5. Songsalive!

Songwriting is an important aspect of independent music. On this Facebook page, you’ll find collaborative partners who can polish and fine-tune your songs. As a songwriter, lyricists, or composer within the independent music scene, there’s nowhere you’ll want to be than Songsalive!

It’s a Facebook Page devoted to independent music-related songwriting.

6. Balanced Breakfast Music Community

Let’s sprinkle one more but a bit different. To be part of this Facebook Page for Independent music, you’ll have to attend an in-person meeting. This is a closed community that is free of spam. The Balanced Breakfast Music Community has a presence across 30 cities in North America.

Once you are approved, you’ll have access to all of the cities, making it an incredible networking tool for indie artists.


Final Thoughts

There’s a lot of push Facebook and other social media can give your independent music career. Don’t forget to set up a stellar Facebook profile in place also. You’ll find it surprising at how much speed your career will experience.

If there’s any other Facebook Page for Independent Music you’ll want us to know at Disctopia, please reach out.