How To Get More Viewers During a Music Livestream

How to get more viewers for music livestream

Artists are embracing music live streaming as it’s an easy way to connect and engage with an audience. Don’t be pumped up about it yet; think about getting the right audience viewing you perform live. It’s not worth it to have rehearsed for hours, set up your gear, and go live, with no one or […]

Equipment Needed To Start a Podcast: Choosing The Best Podcast Microphone

Equipment Needed To Start a Podcast

Let’s shift our focus to podcasting microphones, one of the equipment needed to start a podcast. Veteran and successful podcasters know that newbies underestimate is the importance of sound quality by investing in one of the best podcasting microphones available. Podcasting indeed has a low barrier of entry, and anyone can start up with little […]

8 Best Places to Submit Indie Music in 2021

Places to Submit Indie Music

Getting your music to the right audience does not have to be complicated if you know the best places to submit indie music. You don’t have to join the long list of indie artists that clog the emails, music blogs, influencers, and journalists with unsolicited emails. There’s a lot of music released per second, and […]

7 Best Mobile Apps for Podcasts

Best Mobile Apps for Podcasts

We all thought radio was dying, but podcasts have emerged as the new radio. This is why you need to update your library of the best mobile apps for podcasts. The beauty of the podcast is multidimensional; whether you are on a long trip across the country, doing dishes in the kitchen, losing sweats in […]

How Many Famous Singers Actually Write Their Own Songs in the Pop World?

At Disctopia, we are passionate about nurturing raw talent and giving a voice to songwriters and creatives. Most of our grassroots artists are involved in their music from the ground up and are more often than not the sole songwriters in their work. Is this also true for artists in mainstream pop culture? How many […]

5 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Independent Music

Frequently Asked Questions About Independent Music

There’s a lot of things that are difficult for anyone pushing a career in independent music. Think of the stress involved in attracting press to your music as an indie artist, being able to break into the limelight or the paucity of resources that often slow down things. For anyone in the independent music industry, […]

At-Home Recording On A Budget

We know what it’s like to be a passionate artist.  You sacrifice your time, stability, energy and so much else to create.  But one thing you shouldn’t have to sacrifice is good sound.  Through Disctopia our commitment has always been to empower dedicated artists, podcasters and content creators like you to be their most authentic […]

6 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making with Your Music Production

Mistakes of Music Production

As an indie artist, you need to agree with your music producer to make the best sounds that connect with your audience. Whether you produce your music or hire a music producer, there are still mistakes you have to be wary of. Let’s track back a bit, never be one of those who believe that […]

Music Promotion: Expectations Vs. Reality

As an artist, you need to go all out in spreading your music, growing your fanbase, and advancing your career. Long before now, the art of music promotion was the prerogative of PR professionals. However, music promotion is finally in the hands of artists. With this, you’ve got all you need to shoot your art […]