8 Best Places to Submit Indie Music in 2021

Places to Submit Indie Music

Getting your music to the right audience does not have to be complicated if you know the best places to submit indie music. You don’t have to join the long list of indie artists that clog the emails, music blogs, influencers, and journalists with unsolicited emails.

There’s a lot of music released per second, and it’s becoming noisy out there. Your prospective fans will not distinguish your music from the noise. To save you stress and help you get it right from the onset, we’ve compiled a list of the best outlets to submit indie music.

Places to Submit Indie Music

Before you toe, this path, ensure your music is worth it. These outlets have a lot on their hands and are only interested in the best. The essence of submitting your music is to grow your fanbase and get your music on the lips of thousands. That’s why we’ve selected 8 of the best places to Submit Your Indie Music in 2021.

1. Disctopia

There’s no better place on the internet where you’ll want your music to be as an independent creative. The idea behind Disctopia is to give back freedom to indie artists, and that’s what it is currently doing. When everyone else lets you down, you can count on Disctopia to take you into the fold and help establish your art.

To submit music on Disctopia is quite straightforward, you can start with a free trial and see what Disctopia can offer you as an indie artist.

2. Indie Underground

Take time out to read through the requirements of Indie Underground before submitting your music. They are pretty strict with the music they consider. In their words, they only accept substance, creative, and melody-focused music. If these three words describe your music, you are welcomed at Indie Underground.

You have just two hours in a week to submit music at Indie Underground; Sunday, 9-10 pm EST, and Wednesday, 4-5 pm EST.

3. Obscure Sound

Obscure Sound‘s philosophy is straightforward as one of the best places to submit indie music; blowing up hits from gonna be’s. This is what Mike Mineo, the former Pop Matters writer, has been doing since 2006. As an emerging indie artist, this blog intends to give you the platform to be known.

When you read Mike’s short reviews, you’ll find them fun to read and filled with thoughts. This is one way to know what you are getting right as an artist and where you should work on to be better.

4. Various Small Flames

With a focus on sharing independent music, Various Small Flames is guided by a philosophy of sharing home-recorded music by indie artists. What you’ll find on this blog are music reviews, interviews, mixtapes, previews and more.

Various Small Flames is employing music and writing to connect with people. If you are interested in connecting to people as an indie artist, pitch your music to Jon or Liam.

5. Cougar Microbes

What Cougar Microbes does is similar to Various Small Flames, but this time they have about 11 writers. That’s why you’ll see many interviews and the introduction of new artists. If you have a music video of your indie music, you could be lucky as Cougar posts just one video every week.

Check out Fluence or SubmitHub; that’s the only way to get your music published on Cougar Microbes.

6. Indie Shuffle

Only humans love and listen to music, not robots. That’s why humans should be left with the tasks of picking out songs. This is the guiding philosophy at Indie Shuffle. Those at Indie Shuffle have an interest beyond the music and the Sound.

There’s little to no writing at Indie Shuffle; the focus is on the songs. While it may look like a daunting task, getting featured on Indie Shuffle could be straightforward.

7. Submit Hub

There’s a lot you can get done with the “Submit a Song” button at Submit Hub. You can easily submit your indie music to curators, let other indie artists listen and rate your song, and most importantly, link up with others in the indie music industry.

As an indie artist, you can shoot yourself into the sky if you understand the workings and functionalities of Submit Hub. It has proven relevant as multi-approach tools for music promotion.

8. HighClouds

High Clouds went from being an online radio station to focusing solely on music review for upcoming artists. Today, High Cloud has established itself as a real multimedia platform that caters for artists of all genre.

Based on what it does, HighCloud description of being the Music Junkies’ Holy Bible is not far from the truth. They understand the job of reviewing materials shared by emerging artists.