Music Promotion: Expectations Vs. Reality

As an artist, you need to go all out in spreading your music, growing your fanbase, and advancing your career. Long before now, the art of music promotion was the prerogative of PR professionals. However, music promotion is finally in the hands of artists. With this, you’ve got all you need to shoot your art to the moon. Of course, promoting music isn’t a child’s play as it involves hard work. Nonetheless, you can promote your music on your terms in line with your vision and philosophy.

Music Promotion

On the surface, music promotion is a factor of the following checklists;

    • Making excellent music
    • Getting verified
    • Writing a music press release
    • Sharing music on different music platforms
    • Social media engagement.

Looking at the checklist, music promotion by an artist should be the least of their worries. Usually, the opposite is obtainable. As straightforward as music promotion might appear, the reality is never in tune with the expectations in the end.

The Difference Between Expectations and Reality in Music Promotion

1. Not Outlining Key Channels

Music promotion can be quite expensive and time-consuming. As an artist, these two resources scarce. You need to be able to identify channels that work for your genre and type of music.

Knowing the right channel to flex your muscle will set you apart as an artist.

2. Finding The Metrics That Matters Most

Without identifying channels, you may find it challenging to know the numbers to focus on. Let’s assume you choose to focus on Spotify; you can select the number of streams to measure impact.

This metric may not reveal the real state of things on a different platform.

3. Progress Tracking

While you may go viral in just your first attempt at music promotion, this is quite rare. Nonetheless, track your progress and look out for reasons for the success you’ve achieved.

With this, you will be able to know what you are doing right and wrong. This will help to focus on reality rather than just expectations.

4. Celebrating Milestones

You’ve got to set milestones and know when to celebrate the milestones. It’s beyond juts patting your self on the back; there’s a lot celebrating wins does to your mindset.

With milestones, you will be able to readjust your expectations in tune with reality.

5. Doubling Down on What Works

When you set out for promotion, you will realize that not everything works. Shuffle out the failing techniques and stick with only the successful ones.

This will allow you to focus on realistic goals that are also achievable. Anything outside of this will be a waste of resources.

Final Thoughts

As an artist, you cannot afford to lose in music promotion. Even if you are the best in your trade with good music, music promotion is the defining line of fame, success, and growth.

You are the only one that can guarantee your success by promoting your works. Always remember, you’ve got the same chance to succeed as the next artist.