How To Get More Viewers During a Music Livestream

How to get more viewers for music livestream

Artists are embracing music live streaming as it’s an easy way to connect and engage with an audience. Don’t be pumped up about it yet; think about getting the right audience viewing you perform live.

How To Get More Viewers

It’s not worth it to have rehearsed for hours, set up your gear, and go live, with no one or only a handful watching you at the other end. Not to worry, we’ll be working with you to ensure your next live streaming is filled up with your fans.

You’ll have to replicate these tips every time you want to live to stream your music;

1. Spread The Word

You have no business going live until you have created enough buzz around your live stream. Put it everywhere; on your social media pages, blogs, and even via email. If you have to run a paid ad to get it done, please do.

To know the number you have reached, you should encourage everyone to pre-register. This will also be a means to remind and encourage them to show up.

2. Create a Hashtag For The Livestream

One way to generate a buzz around your music live stream is by creating a hashtag. This will help you bring together all the social media posts about the live stream.

This will also serve as the rallying point for all conversations concerning the event. Use a hashtag that you and your fans can relate to.

3. Tease Contents and Snippets

Another way to get more viewers for your music live stream is to send out teasers and snippets. Take a cue from TV shows and movies; there’s always a trailer that waters the audience’s appetite long before the movie’s debut.

Your snippet could be GIFs, images, tweets, short clips, or blog posts. We are talking about content that is interesting and valuable with the possibility of being viral.

Don’t forget to include the date and time of your music live stream in the teaser.

4. Network With Others and Hijack Viewers

There’s always that live streamer with a massive number of viewers; this could be your ticket to getting more viewers. To achieve this, you will need to see live streamers as your partners.

You will need to forge a relationship with an established streamer. It does not have to be a music live stream; it could even be a gamer. Explore means through which the streamer can give your show the needed exposure.

5. Cross-Promote Your Music Livestream

You need to deploy all of your channels in promoting your music live stream. Spreading the word about your live stream should not be limited to a few channels. Please take it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and everywhere you have a presence.

Luckily for you, cross-promoting does not require any investment. In cross-promoting, the music live stream, include your hashtag. The intent of cross-promotion is about increasing the reach of your social media post.

6. Make a Promise To Your Audience

This will be when you start your live stream; you must assure your viewers. It’s a matter of reinforcing the value you are going to be delivering to your audience.

It’s a music live stream; promise them the time of their lives. Let them know that being a part of the live stream. The promise should also be part of your teaser content.

Wrap Up

Getting more viewers for your music live stream should be treated like a marathon rather than a sprint. At the core of your music stream should be an interaction.

Get them talking through the comment box by asking them to. Make your audience feel noticed.