7 Best Mobile Apps for Podcasts

Best Mobile Apps for Podcasts

We all thought radio was dying, but podcasts have emerged as the new radio. This is why you need to update your library of the best mobile apps for podcasts. The beauty of the podcast is multidimensional; whether you are on a long trip across the country, doing dishes in the kitchen, losing sweats in the gym, you can continue taking in information from your favorite podcast.

Best Mobile Apps for Podcasts

From news, comedy shows, crime stories, and more, you can enjoy the best of podcasting. We know that podcasts are growing by the day, many people are realizing the benefits of the podcast. That’s why we want to do a quick rundown of what we believe are the best mobile apps for podcasts.

We’ve chosen the best mobile apps for podcasts that do more than playing episodes of your favorite podcasts. To have the best podcast listening experience that you deserve, you’ll need podcast apps that are packed with all of the best features available now, and even with upgrades in the future.

Regardless of what you expect from a podcast app, you’ll find one in our collection that meets your needs;

1. Pocket Cast

Ask anyone addicted to podcasts, Pocket Cast will top the list of their recommendation of the best mobile apps for podcasts.

The app became the favorite of millions with the excellent features it packs; episode-auto download, auto clean-up, cross-platform syncing, and cross-device syncing.

Pocket Cast used to be a paid app, but it’s now free of charge without any limitation to the features. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

2. Radio Public

All you have to do is download and start listening, no need to register or login. This is just one of Radio Public’s numerous features.

Whether you want to stream, or download for offline listening, you are good to go. The sweet spot is that while numerous podcast apps do not allow for adding private RSS feeds, Radio Public is different.

You can also import and export OPML for the best podcast listening experience. Just like Pocket Cast, Radio Public is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

3. Anchor

This list will be considered incomplete without mentioning the glowing features of Anchor. It will not be an exaggeration to state that many lovers of podcasts developed the preference all thanks to Anchor.

Just like you, many have heard, Anchor is owned by Spotify and it is intended for lesser-known podcasts. More like an indie version of Spotify. Anchor is beyond a podcast listening app, as it allows you to host and record your own podcasts.

There are more features intended for a podcaster than listeners on Anchor.

4. Google Podcasts

The story of Google Podcasts started in 2018 and the journey has been a beautiful one especially for podcast listeners who are just interested in listening to their favorite podcasts.

Many think of Google Podcasts as a barebone podcast listening app, it goes straight to delivering the best podcast listening experience. There may be no bells and whistles but Google Podcasts’ notifications and recommendation features give it an edge over many others.

Though lacking in features, Google Podcast’s rich podcast library makes up for this shortcoming.

5. Pod Bean

This is one of the best mobile apps for podcasts that allows you to record and listen to podcasts right from the same app. Of course, there are many podcast listening apps with these features, Pod Bean has successfully mastered the art.

You should not expect less from PodBean been a podcast hosting company.

The User Interface of the Pod Bean app meets the expectations of podcast lovers. Not clumsy or confusing, it is just perfect for the best podcast listening experience.

6. Castbox

While the likes of Anchor, Pocket Cast, and Google Podcasts might have dominated the limelight, Castbox is also worth its onions as a podcast listening app.

It’s not just on our list of Best Mobile Apps for Podcasts to fill space, but at over 10 million downloads and counting, there must be something Castbox is doing right within the podcasting community.

At a closer look, you’ll love the Zen Mode, an ambient sound player. You’ll have to live with the ads though, that’s the price to pay for this amazing podcast listening app.

7. Stitcher

If you are going big on podcasting, then you’ll love the massive library that Stitcher provides. Stitcher allows you to search for your favorite podcasts even individual episodes.

Yes, the UI is not the best available but that does not take away the fact that Stitcher is an amazing resource in the app list of podcast lovers.

You can also create playlists, discover new podcast shows and even listen to news right from your Stitcher app.