Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities of Advertising in Video Podcasts

As the popularity of video podcasts continues to grow, many advertisers are looking to tap into this new medium to reach audiences in exciting and engaging ways. However, advertising in video podcasts comes with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. In this article, we’ll explore some of the challenges and opportunities of advertising […]

6 Video Podcast Examples to Help You Learn from The Best

Video Podcast Examples

  We’ve seen how established podcast shows are migrating to video podcasts; they have realized how video podcasts can help them reach a new audience.  Let’s showcase what these video podcast examples have to offer. Video podcasts are growing in popularity both in the United States and globally. If you’re migrating from a regular podcast to […]

How These Four Brands Are Using Video Podcasting to Reach Their Audience

Video Podcasting

We are experiencing a shift from social media to video podcasting. Today, consumers are spending a good portion of their time listening to podcasts than what they spend on social media. If you’re a brand that intends to widen your reach, branded podcasts are the way to go. Now, brands are shifting to video podcasts […]

5 Reasons to Host Your Video Podcast on Disctopia

video podcast

Since 2020, Disctopia has helped give thousands of podcasters a platform to host their shows and experience a beautiful podcasting experience. For most podcasters, Disctopia has proven to be more than just a podcast hosting platform, as it has all the tools needed to grow and monetize video podcasts. At Disctopia, we’ve created to platform […]

Video Podcasts: Why You Should Care

video podcasts

We are really pumped up at Disctopia with the new video podcast addition to our platform. While we are still basking in the euphoria of this major feature release, we’ve decided to explain how video podcasts work and what you stand to gain as a podcaster. Video podcasting on Disctopia means you can manage and add […]