How These Four Brands Are Using Video Podcasting to Reach Their Audience

Video Podcasting

We are experiencing a shift from social media to video podcasting. Today, consumers are spending a good portion of their time listening to podcasts than what they spend on social media.

If you’re a brand that intends to widen your reach, branded podcasts are the way to go.

Now, brands are shifting to video podcasts for a lot of reasons. Firstly, the bias their consumers have for videos. Secondly, we’ll quote Fast Company on this; branded video podcasts are “the ads people actually want to watch and listen to.”

There’s a shift from branded podcasts to branded video podcasts;

There are more brands leveraging video podcasts to reach their audience. It’s about giving your audience what they want, when they want it and where they want it.

Video podcasting can make your messages more engaging as your audience can see eye contact, body language, and facial expressions. It’s about being able to connect audiences to the human side of your business.

Here’s a list of best-branded video podcast examples;

  1. The VanillaSoft Podcast

  2. Sales Gravy Podcast

  3. The Sales Evangelist Podcast

  4. The Daily

In this piece, we’ll explore how brands are nailing it by using video podcasting to connect with their consumers and audience. 

1. VanillaSoft

Video Podcasting,video podcasts

If there’s a brand killing it with video podcasting, then it’s VanillaSoft. The brand is taking advantage of the power of storytelling and video podcasting in reaching out to its clients.

VanillaSoft is able to produce video podcasts that are shared everywhere, including on social media. So far you are creating valuable content; video podcasts can be shared and re-shared as often as possible until they reach the target audience.

What VanillaSoft does is deploy storytelling in igniting emotions, knowing that nobody resists the urge for a good story.

This is what VanillaSoft keeps doing and why they will also share and re-share episodes of their video podcast.

2. Sales Gravy

Video Podcasting,video podcasts

Sales Gravy prides itself as a sales acceleration company and runs a video podcast called the Sales Gravy Podcast. They said it’s the world’s most downloaded sales podcast.

What Sales Gravy is doing with their podcast is straightforward; a podcast to educate people about closing sales. The video podcast is anchored by Jeb Blount, who goes all out to deliver on the podcast’s goals.

More than any other content form, Sales Gravy leverages their video podcast to reach its target audience.

While the brand also runs a blog, it’s not as pronounced as the video podcast. There’s a reason why the Sales Gravy Podcast is described as motivating, passionate, and essential for sales professionals.

In essence, Sales Gravy Podcast is one of the resources sales professionals rely on globally.

3. The Sales Evangelist 

Video Podcasting,video podcasts

The Sales Evangelist is a video podcast targeted at B2B sales professionals. As a sales training brand, The Sales Evangelist leverage its video podcast to help these sales professionals hit their monthly targets.

As a top-ranking sales podcast, it is watched by professionals in more than 158 countries. On the video podcast, Donald interviews the best sales and marketing experts with the view to helping salespersons close more deals.

What The Sales Evangelist is doing is clear; conveying sales education to help sellers develop long-lasting sales habits.

If you are watching The Sales Evangelist Podcast, you will likely develop a bulletproof sales mindset with the confidence to tackle all sales challenges.

4. The Daily

Video Podcasting,video podcasts

Michael Barbaro hosts the Daily Video Podcast on behalf of The New York Times, and it is released five days a week. Launched as a regular podcast in February 2017, The Daily is on a mission to find an explanation for every moment.

In 20 minutes, The Daily dives into the news offering an in-depth opinion on the day’s news. The success of The Daily has transcended into the show being aired on at least 20 radio stations in the United States and now as a TV show.

Currently, the video podcast has about 5 million monthly listeners, which is still on the rise.

The Daily has indeed enjoyed incredible growth in terms of reach and depth. This is why it was easy to repurpose the show into a video podcast.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a bit behind with branded podcasts for your content marketing, take advantage of video podcasting as it’s fast becoming a bandwagon.

You can learn about how to record a video podcast. We also have a guide on how to start a branded podcast.