5 Reasons to Host Your Video Podcast on Disctopia

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Since 2020, Disctopia has helped give thousands of podcasters a platform to host their shows and experience a beautiful podcasting experience. For most podcasters, Disctopia has proven to be more than just a podcast hosting platform, as it has all the tools needed to grow and monetize video podcasts.

At Disctopia, we’ve created to platform where anyone can whisper into the ears of their audience and even invite them to a conversation to voice their thoughts and ideas.

Should you even be a video podcaster? The answer will always be a YES. Video podcasts are fast gaining acceptance due to the visual complexities and emotional depths that regular podcasts lack.

In this post, we’ll walk you through five reasons why Disctopia should be your choice to host your video podcast. You’ll learn how Disctopia’s strengths can benefit you and your podcast brand.

1. Stand Out From The Crowd


Yes, that’s what you will be competing against as a podcaster. Podcast search engine Listen Notes listed about 3,000,000 podcasts and 135 million podcast episodes.

In an industry this saturated, you’ll need to think out of the ordinary to be able to compete favorably and stay relevant.

On Disctopia, we’ve solved all of the issues that could arise in your moving to video podcasting. A video podcast will be an extra icing to your podcasting career.

Hosting a video podcast on Disctopia helps you build on the audio experience of a regular podcast. In the long term, you’ll create opportunities for your audience to engage and connect with your content on a deeper level.

2. Ease of Use

On a scale of 1 to 10, Disctopia will be around 9.5 when it comes to ease of use. This implies that Disctopia is super easy to use both on the web and the mobile app.

Even with the numerous features, finding your way around Disctopia will come without hassles. There’s a simple and easy-to-follow interface that anyone would find easy to adapt to.

If you already have a podcast on the Disctopia platform, switching to the video format will be seamless.

We also have your audience in mind in designing the Disctopia interface; this also applies to video podcasts.

3. Deep Reporting and Analytics

As a content creator, you need to be able to stay on top of your numbers. If you host your video podcast on the Disctopia platform, you’ll have access to its True Play dashboard.

The intuitive dashboard will reveal all the important metrics to understand listener engagement and craft ideal podcast marketing strategies. The True Play dashboard intends to cut the time, effort, and resources needed to promote your podcast.

Disctopia’s True Play dashboard will let you know the total play in a period, demography of viewers, user engagement, audience frequency, daily listeners, and more.

Over time, the dashboard has improved the user experience of podcasters and other creatives on the Disctopia platform.

4. No Hidden Fees and Allows 100% Direct Payments

Over the years, Disctopia has established itself as a trustworthy platform for creatives to sell their music, audiobooks, merchandise, podcasts, and now video podcasts.

As a platform, Disctopia is without any hidden fees or charges. This allows creatives to connect with their audience in an environment free from ads and trolls.

To support these creatives, Disctopia is one of the few streaming services that allows for 100% direct payments. These creatives will receive 100% of whatever their listeners and fans send as tips and donations.

As a content creator on the Disctopia platform, you can also sell your branded merchandise alongside the contents.

5. Full Technical Support For Video Podcasts

Disctopia is committed to supporting creatives and their content as a streaming service. Recently, Disctopia incorporated the podcast 2.0 namespace for locking and funding. This is to protect podcasts from piracy.

Disctopia is interested in providing and guaranteeing the financial freedom of all creatives; this is the core principle behind the platform.

Video podcasters can take full advantage of the strategic positioning of the Disctopia platform in reaching their audience without being shortchanged.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you are a podcaster switching over to video podcasting. In that case, we’ll love you to try our video podcasting service on Disctopia. As a newbie podcaster, you are better off starting out on Disctopia as we are positioned to give your show the platform to thrive and grow.

You can check out our guides on how to start a podcast and how to record a video podcast.