6 Video Podcast Examples to Help You Learn from The Best

Video Podcast Examples

Video Podcast Examples,Best Video Podcasts,Video Podcasting,video podcast


We’ve seen how established podcast shows are migrating to video podcasts; they have realized how video podcasts can help them reach a new audience.  Let’s showcase what these video podcast examples have to offer.

Video podcasts are growing in popularity both in the United States and globally.

If you’re migrating from a regular podcast to video podcasting, you’ve done most of the hard work. What is left is adding visuals to your regular podcast, which requires a little bit of time, effort, and resources.

Truly, video podcasts are uncharted territory for most podcasters, and many are still unsure of how to get a video podcast off the ground.

We’ve been giving you a push to start a video podcast. To help you, we will be exposing you to some of the best video podcast shows. You know that there’s always something you can learn from the best.

Here’s a list of the best video podcast we will be talking about;

  • The Joe Rogan Experience

  • The Tim Ferris Show

  • The Hey Fraser Podcast

  • The H3 Podcast

  • The Michelle Obama Podcast

  • The Jordan Harbinger Show

In this piece, we’ll unpack 6 video podcast examples by established video podcasters. These video podcast examples will help you take advantage of the opportunity this content format offers. 

1. The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience is the most popular video podcast on the internet, and you’ll understand why if you just see an episode.

There’s a way Joe Rogan can steer genuine and authentic conversations with his guests. While some of the opinions might be controversial, it’s still a conversation you’ll always find enjoyable.

Let’s now talk about the array of guests Joe Rogan attracts to his video podcasts; these guests are a true source of value to the show. He brings on comedians, neuroscientists, MMA fighters, psychologists, musicians, artists, and others; he has a penchant for bringing on guests that keeps you wondering how he does it.

In terms of the quality of production, the video is good, but that’s not the central theme. There’s much more the show brings to its audience, and it’s the dialogue.

Video Podcast Examples,Best Video Podcasts,Video Podcasting,video podcast

Why is The Joe Rogan Experience a Good Video Podcast?

There’s a lot any podcaster can learn from the Number One Podcast Show in the world. The Joe Rogan Experience depicts that regardless of the video podcasting format you settle for, you can succeed at it.

By the way, the most important takeaway for any podcaster is being able to ask what everyone else is avoiding. That’s what Joe Rogan does, even if it means playing the devil’s advocate sometimes.

The show is also not a chopped version. Joe shows you the entire conversation with nothing to hide from his audience.

2. The Tim Ferris Show

There’s a huge divergent between The Joe Rogan Experience and The Tim Ferris Show, and the difference lies in their approach to podcasting. Tim has a way of steering clear of controversy and disinformation.

But there’s also a similarity, Tim Ferris has his own way of connecting with interesting people on the planet to discuss the latest issues.

As an ace video podcaster, Tim Ferris is a great listener who channels the focus of his guests to exactly what his audience would be interested in.

Video Podcast Examples,Best Video Podcasts,Video Podcasting,video podcast


Why is The Tim Ferris Show One of Our Best Video Podcast Example?

One thing about the best video podcasts is their ability to bring on top performers in all spheres and fields. The Tim Ferris Show has interviewed Walmart CEO, Doug McMillon. AirBnB Co-founder Joe Gebbia, and supermodel Katie Kloss.

One thing to learn from The Tim Ferris show is the ability to learn and re-learn. He has not stopped getting better at his craft.

Most importantly, with his ability to deconstruct world-class performers, Tim Ferris has never stopped delivering value to his audience.

3. Hey Fraser Podcast

One of the best examples of what video podcasting can do is the Hey Fraser Podcast. While still a regular podcast, the show could not go past the 10,000 download ceiling. When the show switched to video, the show went to 35,000 downloads in just 2 months.

For someone who left radio and became a podcaster, Sarah Fraser, the host, invested every of her experience as a media mogul into her show.

She started the Hey Fraser show in 2015 and has grown into one that upcoming podcasters can learn from.

Video Podcast Examples,Best Video Podcasts,Video Podcasting,video podcast

Why the Hey Fraser Podcast is one of the Best Video Podcast?

Sarah Fraser has an unfiltered edge to podcasting. For someone that has seen it all in media, she banters on anything from politics to music and every other social issue. Like she avoided on the radio, there are no staged bits and fake gags.

One mistake most podcasters face is the length and frequency of their podcasts. However, Sarah has always gotten it right with the length and frequency of her show.

Lastly, you need to know when you should make the transition from a regular podcast to a video podcast. If Sarah didn’t make that transition, she’d still be struggling with her 10,000 downloads till now.

4. The H3 Podcast 

Since 2020, the H3 Podcast has been one of the United States’ most watched and listened to podcasts. The video podcast has an average of 1.2 million audiences monthly.

The H3 Podcast is usually more of reaction videos and sketchy comedy, hosted by Ethan and Hila Klein. While many will say that the H3 Podcast is quite simple, it’s also effective.

Over time, The H3 Podcast has maintained its consistency in delivering interesting content.

Video Podcast Examples,Best Video Podcasts,Video Podcasting,video podcast

Why the H3 Podcast is one the Best Video Podcast?

This is one of the best video podcast examples of high-quality video and audio. Adopting the in-studio format, the hosts have taken full advantage of this format in delivering compelling content to their audience.

It’s your job as a video podcaster to be able to maximize the resources at your disposal to create engaging content. This is what the H3 Podcast does, using different costumes and changing their backdrops.

You’ll also be surprised at the impact of them sharing their screen and other media resources.

5. The Michelle Obama Podcast

Let’s start by saying that The Michelle Obama Podcast is worth anyone’s time, including yours. According to Michelle, the podcast intends to reflect on the relationships that make them who they are. This can only be done by speaking to family, friends, and colleagues.

That’s why when the show’s first guest was Barrack Obama, it did not surprise many.

Why should a former first lady start a video podcast? You’ll be convinced that she needed it as an outlet to contribute to governance and community service.

Video Podcast Examples,Best Video Podcasts,Video Podcasting,video podcast

Why The Michelle Obama Podcast is one of the Best Video Podcast?

As expected, the podcast comes with high quality and pristine production, befitting a former first lady. However, that’s even, by the way, what anyone would enjoy the most is the talk.

The conversations concern how the government can reach the unreached and better serve them. In the end, you’ll have this conviction and warmth that people are not awful.

The takeaway from The Michelle Obama Podcast show would be the production quality and the conversations’ originality.

6. The Jordan Harbinger Show

As far as podcasting is concerned, Jordan Harbinger is one of those podcasters newbies should take their opinions seriously. He’s one of the first few podcasters to dabble in video podcasting. Imagine bringing a video camera to a podcast show; he saw the future of podcasting before others did.

Undoubtedly, The Jordan Harbinger show is one of the most popular video podcast show in the world. Jordan has a way of holding his fans spellbound without doing anything time-consuming or complicated.

When it comes to video podcasting, there’s a lot of knowledge Jordan can actually dispense to other podcasters.

Video Podcast Examples,Best Video Podcasts,Video Podcasting,video podcast

Why The Jordan Harbinger Show is One of The Best Video Podcasts?

The first would be to be able to take a cue early enough. Jordan started podcasting with a camera long before anyone thought it’ll become a thing. If you know what the next podcasting trend would be, there’s no harm in starting immediately.

The Jordan Harbinger show has revealed that simple can sometimes be more. You may not have to go out of your way before you have the best video podcast show.

Final Thoughts

We’ve provided you with a review of 6 of the best video podcast shows. We did it because we are looking to expand this list soonest. At Disctopia, we are interested in helping thousands of podcasters take advantage of the next wave of podcasting.

Start your video podcast show, and we’ll help you share your experience with other podcasters. If you don’t know where to start, read our guide on how to record a video podcast.