Podcast Marketing: 5 Emails You Should Start Sending Your Listeners

Podcast Marketing

Podcast Marketing

It’s time to work on podcast marketing and improve your relationship with your listeners.

Regardless of your podcast niche and topic, you wield immense power to change your listeners’ lives. In your voice lies a power that can inform, educate, and entertain your audience.

For you to have the right “ginger” to keep dishing out powerful content, you need a loyal audience. It’s a loyal audience that downloads every episode, shares every episode with their friends, and even leaves reviews.

However, attracting a loyal audience is quite competitive as podcasts are growing by the day. How can you now differentiate yourself as a podcaster and build a loyal audience?

That’s the focus of this piece; exploring the power of email marketing in building a loyal audience and growing your revenue.

Did I hear you say email marketing is dead? That’s a false truth.

To date, email marketing still ranks ahead of all other marketing options in terms of return on investment. Yes, beating hands-down social media marketing. Emails are a potent and direct route to reaching people, delivering rich and personalized content.

We will not be delving into the facts and statistics about email marketing, but we believe that there’s a lot of your potential listeners among the 4 billion email users in the world today.

How can you now take advantage of these statistics? You’ve got to build an email list and start sending them these five emails;

1. A Welcoming Email

For every new podcast listener, you need to send an email to welcome them on board. In this email, you’ll need to express your happiness to have them as a listener. In this email, make a good impression.

In the welcoming email, do a good job at thanking them for being a part of your subscribers and explaining what your podcast is all about. The essence of this email is to build a relationship with your podcast listeners right from day one.

Don’t forget to send the welcome email instantly or at least within 24hours. It’s all about setting the expectations from the onset and letting your podcast listeners know they are in for a good time with you.

2. The Milestone Email

You can be sent to your podcast listeners on a quarterly or annual basis. The essence of the milestone email is to keep your audience abreast of the successes you are recording with your podcast.

In the milestone email, reveal your podcast analytics to your audience. This can range from the number of new listeners you’ve gained in the last month, quarter or year. It can also be the achievements and awards your podcast has received recently.

A milestone email should be sent out the your listeners on their birthdays.

The milestone email to your podcast listeners is a way of celebrating these small wins with your audience. In the end, you are building a relationship with your podcast listeners.

3. Survey Email

There’s a lot you can achieve with this type of email to your podcast audience. It’s a medium to ask your listeners about their expectations, needs and the performance of your podcast. Most importantly, the survey email is a way of making your listeners feel valued and that their opinion matters.

Once in a while, send out a survey email to your listeners, asking them questions. This will form the basis of your podcast episodes. You’ll know what the yearnings of your audience are and create content.

To get better results from your survey email, offer something in return.

4. Specific Action Email

This is often a standalone email with a Call to Action. If you intend to drive a specific action for your podcast, you’d need to send out specific action emails. Let’s say you have a special guest on your next episode; this is a way to increase your listenership.

Usually, your podcast listeners are likely to take the intended action through a specific action email. Don’t underestimate what this type of email can achieve.

5. Freebies Email

Don’t bore your podcast listeners out with offers at all times; there should be a time when you send them a gift. The gift can be geared towards a specific action that leads to them winning a gift.

For instance, you can ask the listeners to share their favorite episode on their social media pages. Then, you can reward the listener with the most share with exclusive content or any of your podcast merchandise.

Final Thoughts: Email and Podcast Marketing

While there are other emails you have to send to your podcast listeners, these 5 are a must. There’s a lot of potentials you are leaving unutilized by not taking advantage of email marketing in your podcast marketing.

Outside of your podcast, an email is your best option to keep the conversation going and building a relationship with your listeners.

Listen! Not sending these emails is not an option as it’s crucial to the success of your podcast marketing.