Why Email Marketing Is A Great Tool for Indie Musicians

Having a Facebook fan page and thousands of followers on Twitter can’t help direct communication with your fans. However, sending email to your list of fans is a valid and effective marketing strategy that you cannot overlook as an indie musician. Here are the top reasons why email marketing is a great tool to promote your growth.


Email Marketing Tool

You are not the owner of your social media profiles

Back when Myspace was the sole avenue to connect online, musicians were judged based on how many Myspace friends they had. In fact, people even grabbed some profitable record deals based on these numbers. Nevertheless, the fact remains that people under a particular age group, do not even know that Myspace existed. In fact, the time spent on Myspace building your profile means nothing now. This may be very tough to gauge, but the same fate can happen with the social media platforms of our times. Imagine if by chance the fate with Myspace repeats with Facebook and Twitter and you lose all of the contact information of your fans, your communication with them is totally lost.

It is not possible to control what Facebook shows people

Though you might have tons of likes on your Facebook page, your posts will only be seen by a small percentage of people on the platform, as decided by the algorithm it follows. These days, Facebook ads have fully blown up. Facebook is not benefited by promoting you at no charge, to people who the platform thinks are interested in your content. Even though you can buy ads, this does nothing more than create awareness.

It is difficult to keep pace with Twitter’s newsfeed

Your tweets might be gone within seconds, depending on how many people your followers, follow. Then, they must search for your profile once again to find you. For a prolific tweeter, it is all the more difficult to find something. Hence though you can announce your gigs, an album release and other information on Twitter, most people won’t see it. Unless they are looking at the same time or if you have tagged them in the tweet.

Targeted emails

Twitter is extremely crowded. Facebook’s algorithm is not going to favor you. Therefore, email marketing seems to be the most effective avenue in deciding who to send your messages to. It is possible to segment your lists and send them to everyone or just a few people. Your mail is undoubtedly going to land in the mailbox of the recipient. It is much easier for people to search for an older email rather than searching for a tweet or Facebook post. If your fans are spread out in larger geographic areas, you can send the mail to people in the areas where you are playing. You can also mail all your contacts to inform them about your online concert or a crowdfunding initiative. Even if your email service provider will shut down, you can export your list and move forward.