A Guide on Monetizing Your Podcast in 2021 With Disctopia

Monetizing Your Podcast in 2021

There are hundreds or even thousands of showrunners making a good living from their podcast. While it may appear complicated, if you are interested in monetizing your podcast in 2021, this guide is intended for you.

It all starts with building a podcast that earns you serious revenue. Not saying you’ll become the next Jeff Bezos or Bill gate, but an income good enough to help you quit your 9 to 5 if you want. We are not saying this will be easy, but it’s entirely possible.

Monetizing Your Podcast in 2021

As a podcaster on the Disctopia platform, if you’ve not been implementing these ideas, you’ve been leaving thousands of dollars on the table. We know that you’ll be investing a good deal of resources into audio and editing gears, editing, and more. It’s therefore proper that you have the right knowledge to achieve a high return on investment.

Before you can think of monetizing your podcast in 2021, ensure you have the following in place;

  • Excellent Content

The entry point to monetizing your podcast starts with an irresistible content offering. When your podcast topic resonates with your audience, you have little to worry about.

If your content makes a difference in the lives of your audience, it’ll be pretty easy to monetize your podcast.

  • Packaging and Performance

You need to go all out and sharpen your podcast presentation skills. Your audience is quickly drawn to the energy, enthusiasm, and passion that ooze out of your voice.

You must build on your delivery, one episode at a time. Beat your record with every next performance.

  • A Community

The last key you must possess before thinking of monetizing your podcast is the existence of a community. You have no business being a podcaster if you cannot build a community around you.

Get people involved. Let your audience know their opinion matters. This will pay off in the long run eventually.

What You Can Do To Make Money From Your Podcast With Disctopia

We want to ensure that your podcasting pays for itself, and you can even generate more. Follow these strategies on monetizing your podcast in 2021;

1. Sponsorship and Advertising

If this is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about monetizing your podcast in 2021, you are not wrong. However, you will have to build your listenership from 5K to 10K and above to take advantage of this.

No qualms if you are yet to hit the 5K or 10K audience, you can still reach out to advertisers directly to explore the avenue of sponsorship.

2. Sell Your Merchandise

Disctopia allows you to sell your merchandise as a podcaster. It’s not only access to your podcast that you can monetize; you can also offer branded merchandise to your listeners. This merchandise can be listed for sale through the Disctopia platform.

This merchandise can range from mugs, shirts, car stickers, etc. Aside from this, you can also offer digital products such as online courses, tutorials, and exclusives.

3. Write a Book (From Your Old Content)

This will be well you are well established as a podcaster. You can hire a writer to convert all of your previous podcast episodes into a book. Never allow your old content to go to waste; there are still new audiences that can be reached, and you’ll even make money through it.

Bring together all of your old content on similar topics. You can list it on your merchandise on Disctopia. You can take it further by listing it for sale on Amazon. Being a published author also increases your pedigree as a podcaster.

4. Let Your Guests Pay For Being Interviewed

This will be when you’ve climbed to the peak as a podcaster. You must have established yourself as a household name in your niche and industry to be able to score good bucks through this approach.

You have to look for guests who would like to pay for the exposure your podcast will avail their brand. This does not have to appear like an advertorial; you have to ensure that your guests share a similar interest with your podcast.

5. Run a Transcript Blog For Your Podcast

There are some of your audience that prefer to read than listen. You can even win over new listeners to your podcast via your transcript blog. You have to start a WordPress blog where you publish the transcripts of your podcasts as blog posts.

To make money from your transcript blog, you will need to join a premium ad broker; Google AdSense, Mediavine, Ezoic, and others. If you are not exploring this avenue, you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table monthly.