UK’S Self Esteem announces debut American LIVE shows

Today, Self Esteem (Rebecca Taylor) announces her first-ever American live shows in New York (March 10), Los Angeles (March 14), and Austin’s SXSW (March 15-19). To celebrate the release of Prioritise Pleasure, Self Esteem performed “I’m Fine” for Stephen Colbert’s #LateShowMeMusic this Thanksgiving weekend. Also, this week, The Guardian named her single “I Do This All The Time” their Best […]

How Many Famous Singers Actually Write Their Own Songs in the Pop World?

At Disctopia, we are passionate about nurturing raw talent and giving a voice to songwriters and creatives. Most of our grassroots artists are involved in their music from the ground up and are more often than not the sole songwriters in their work. Is this also true for artists in mainstream pop culture? How many […]

7 Secretly Funny Podcast that you can listen To on Disctopia

Secretly funny podcasts

It’s time to change your morning commute’s demeanor with some secretly funny podcasts on Disctopia. While these podcasts may not be comedy themed, they still have an angle assured to give you a good laugh. Why should you listen to any of these funny podcasts? By indulging your sense of humor, you are positioning yourself […]

Japan’s Music Industry Sees Unlikely Growth

Interestingly enough, many music industry insiders said that their artists were getting streamed more often than one might think. A survey conducted by Music Ally Japan suggests that the Japanese music industry is not only surviving, but might even be thriving

Yeezy Opens Up For Forbes

Many artists do interviews from time to time, but very few are trying to run for president. For those unaware, the rapper/producer/entrepreneur Kanye West announced that he planned on running for president, which surprised some considering his past support of the current president, Donald Trump. 

Kehlani Wins The Critics Over

Few singers have been able to demand attention the way Kehlani has, but it’s also because she’s remained in the headlines for things that have nothing to do with music.