7 Secretly Funny Podcast that you can listen To on Disctopia

Secretly funny podcasts

It’s time to change your morning commute’s demeanor with some secretly funny podcasts on Disctopia. While these podcasts may not be comedy themed, they still have an angle assured to give you a good laugh.

Why should you listen to any of these funny podcasts? By indulging your sense of humor, you are positioning yourself to live a healthy and longer life. We are trying to present you with podcasts that will give you a good laugh for you to ease off your stress to or fro from work.

It’s all about living a satisfying life; while these secretly funny podcasts may not give you the best life you want, they are going to give you the best laugh.

Secretly Funny Podcasts

1. The Daily Dish

While it may be more of exclusive interviews, there’s a funny angle that Megan Segura and Erik J brings to the mix. You may want to start with their Real Housewives series; you’ll keep grinning until you end your commute.

There’s always something to listen to with close to 400 episodes of The Daily Dish. Don’t worry; if you exhaust it quickly, there’s always a new episode every Saturday.

2. The Bonfire With Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder

Nothing can be more relaxing after a day’s work than listening to Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder trade banters. There’s no limit to what can be discussed. These two guys have seen it all in the world of stand-up comedy, and you have to listen to what they’ve got to say.

The two podcasters do a recap of their week, and it’s always going to crack you up. The crackling fire of the bonfire in the background will also do a good job calming you down.

3. The Daily Show Podcast Universe

If you are a fan of Trevor Noah, then you are not a stranger to his skills and abilities to bring out the funny side of everything. Let’s give a clue, start with Slowbama or These American Lies; you’ll never stop coming back for more.

Trevor is not even doing a lot, but the way he tells his stories will help you forget your worries for a moment and put a big smile on your face. The Daily Show Podcast Universe is indeed one of the funniest podcasts on Disctopia.

4. You Up With Nikki Glaser

It’s hard to understand how Nikki does it, laying bare her personal stuff for you to learn and laugh. She does it by giving her perspective about dating, sex, and dissecting pop culture. It’s all about helping one get a grip on what’s in public space without failing to make fun of whoever or whatever is deserving of it.

You may not like her perspective, or even like Nikki, know that she’s unapologetic about her thoughts. That’s more reason why she’s about to make fun of it all.

5. Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast

Get ready for the best one hour plus of your day by joining Scott Aukermann, where he dishes out the best blend of conversation and comedy character works. He starts by bringing on celebrities and guests who help you to get through your day.

While you may enjoy the guests, look out for the plugs, it’s the best segment of Comedy Bang Bang.

6. The Erik Anders Lang Show: Golf – Travel – Comedy

While Erik might call himself a golf podcaster, there’s more to his podcast than just PGA kinds of stuff and all. As a golf podcaster, he prides himself on being the creator of the PGA Tour/Skratch series Adventure in Golf. You don’t have to be a fan of golf before having a good time listening to Erik Anders.

Another hidden angle to The Erik Anders Lang Show relates to travel. You know there’s a lot to learn on the road, plenty of funny stuffs also.

7. Spitballers Comedy Podcast

Let’s hope you won’t be listening to this secretly funny podcasts during office hours; you are likely to get a warning from HR. The trio of Andy, Mike, and Jason will throw you into a tumult of laughter discussing ridiculous topics you’ve ever heard.

A little nonsense from this podcast is what you need in your everyday life. A chance to ignore happenings around you and be happy from the inside. That’s what the Spitballers Comedy Podcast promises.