How to Record a Podcast and Use a Mic

How to record a podcast and use a mic

You need to hone your skills as a podcaster by learning how to record a podcast correctly. Providing a smooth and pleasant listening experience is critical to the success of your podcast. The voice of any podcaster needs to be rich, clear, and without distraction. Achieving this hangs on the mastery of your microphone technique.  

How To Make Your Content Exclusive To Disctopia


You can now create exclusive content with Disctopia’s visibility feature. This feature allows podcasters, indie artists, and other creatives on the Disctopia platform to set their content to specific visibilities. The visibility of a single episode to an entire podcast can now be determined from your settings. With the visibility features, creators now have more control […]

Why Do I Need To Start a Podcast?

Why Do I Need To Start a Podcast?

If you are still pondering why do I need to start a podcast, you are reading the right guide. Maybe you are like Jeff Bullas, who bought all the gears and equipment needed to start a podcast. He didn’t start but kept all the equipment in a store for three years. It was not just […]

Who is Your Podcast For: Targeting and Identifying Your Listeners

HOW to START A PODCAST Targeting and Identifying Your Listeners

While you might be overly interested in how to start a podcast, there’s an essential element that can determine your success or otherwise. Right from the onset, you need to be able to hit the right target with your audience.   Think of it this way; about $37 billion is wasted on failed targeting annually. You […]

How Do I Start a Podcast Blog and Website

HOW TO START A PODCAST Start a Blog & Website For Your Podcast Show

Up next in this guide is answering your question of how do I start a podcast blog and website. A blog and website is a great way to grow your podcast show. It also stands as a home for all your podcast shows where people can quickly drop by to listen to your latest podcast […]

How To Promote Your Podcast

HOW TO START A PODCAST Promote Your Podcast

The problem most podcasters face is getting their podcast show noticed. A great podcast show aims at gathering various listeners around the globe who will not just listen but download their content and even refer others.   But you have to ensure that your content is top-notch. No one will want to listen to poor-quality audio. […]

How To Start a Podcast: Outsourcing The Editing and Graphics of Your Podcast


There’s a lot podcasters shy away from when learning how to start a podcast. One of such is how a podcast show can be time-consuming and tedious. As a new podcaster, let’s address the question of whether you should outsource some of your podcast production tasks. There’s nothing wrong with delegating some of the production […]

How to Choose a Podcast Host

HOW TO START A PODCAST Choosing a Podcast Host

Next in this guide is learning how to choose a podcast host. The choice of podcast host is an important decision every podcaster has to make. It starts with ensuring that whichever podcast host will be able to meet your present and future goals. Today, there are numerous podcast hosts, and you can get lost […]

How To Start a Podcast: How to Write a Podcast Script

HOW TO START A PODCAST Scripting Your Shows

Next in this guide on how to start a podcast will focus on teaching you on how to write a podcast script. One of the biggest questions on the lips and minds of new podcasters bothers on how to write a podcast script. While your favourite podcast may sound like a casual conversation, it’s the […]