How To Make Your Content Exclusive To Disctopia



You can now create exclusive content with Disctopia’s visibility feature. This feature allows podcasters, indie artists, and other creatives on the Disctopia platform to set their content to specific visibilities. The visibility of a single episode to an entire podcast can now be determined from your settings.

With the visibility features, creators now have more control over their content. The visibility feature allows content creators to provide specific audiences with certain privileges and access. This will also enable experimenting to decide what’s best for their audience.

There are currently two visibility levels;

  • Unlisted: Only those with a link have access
  • Public: Everyone has access to the content

How to Set the Visibility Settings on Disctopia.


You can set the visibility access right from the point of uploading your podcast, music, audiobook, and other content.

Once you click the Upload button, you’ll see the Visibility settings where you can choose between Unlisted and Public. The visibility settings can only be made per episode and content.  If your podcast episodes or other content is Unlisted, you will have to share the link for anyone to access the content.

You are free to decide which of your content is made visible or unlisted.  The visibility settings allow you to be able to make some of your contents exclusive only to Disctopia. This allows you to be eligible for the 5-cent per stream payout on Disctopia, one of the highest pay per stream