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HOW TO START A PODCAST Promote Your Podcast

how to promote your podcast

The problem most podcasters face is getting their podcast show noticed. A great podcast show aims at gathering various listeners around the globe who will not just listen but download their content and even refer others.  

But you have to ensure that your content is top-notch. No one will want to listen to poor-quality audio. Listening to your podcast is an avenue to gather as many people as you can.  

It is a way to meet people who believe and share your interest enough to want to listen to your conversation every time. 

And we are here to help you achieve that. For this reason, we have met with some experts on how to promote your podcast, and they have been kind enough to reveal some of the best strategies. 

Release Multiple Episodes On Launch Day 

While setting up your podcast platform, ensure to have at least three episodes to release on the launch day. If you don’t have this in your plan, get in place now.  

You should have a minimum of three episodes. If listeners do not have a few episodes to engage in on your launch day, chances are, they will never be interested in you again. 

An online business coach, Pat Flynn, advises that podcasters should have about three to five episodes during launch to keep listeners engaged. In his statement, at some point, he has received messages from people who weren’t happy that he had just one post. 

Ask Listeners to Subscribe 

Requesting your existing listeners to subscribe to your podcast at the beginning and end of every episode is a great way to promote your podcast. However, you have to be careful when positioning these calls to action (CTA) to avoid being too pushy. 

You can honestly explain your reasons. For instance, you can say something like, “As your podcast grows, you will be able to produce more quality content that they will enjoy.” 

To make sharing easy, you can create quote images and snippets. You can even send listeners a note the day the podcast will be going live and include other shareable media like links, status updates, etc. 

Submit to Podcast Directories 

This is one of the most effective strategies to promote your podcast. Apple Podcast is one of the most well-known podcasts today. It is the default podcast of iOS. However, Google Podcasts and Spotify are fast gaining ground as people visit these platforms to listen to podcasts. 

Other podcast directories are Podtail, Tunein, SoundCloud, etc.  

To join them, all you have to do is create an account and submit your RSS feeds to each of them. That way, your new podcast will be published automatically in them. 

This will, in turn, open you to more audiences who are looking for new episodes to listen to. 

Let It Be Valuable 

There are lots of podcast shows out there, but is their content valuable to the audience?  

Various conversations occur on Quora, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, and including a new discussion that adds value to the people can attract new listeners. 

You can also go to other search engine platforms, check various forums, groups, and threads that relate to what you offer, and start sharing your view.  

However, when using these methods to promote your podcast, you require some tact. 

First, you have to be a part of the conversation without talking about your show. Joining the conversation will be more profitable as an avenue can be opened to promote your show.  

If you start promoting yourself right away on joining the group, your podcast will seem like a promotion. 

You can also pitch yourself as a guest in a different show. This is a great way to introduce your podcast show to a group of qualified audiences.  

On the other hand, you can include some interesting guests on your show to increase engagement. This can bring about a unique and different perspective for your listeners.  

Work with People Producing Similar Contents 

One efficient way to promote your podcast is to work with other people with the same niche as yours. You can check out platforms like Radio Guest List, Podcast Guest Exchange, Facebook groups, etc.  

You can also mention brands or persons on your show, but ensure to meet them after releasing the episode.  

Take out the quote where you mentioned their product and ask them if they will be willing to share your podcast on their social media. This strategy usually works well, especially when you have mentioned something positive about them. 

Another way to promote your podcast is to ask people with similar content like yours to mention you in their podcast while you mention them in yours. This is also known as cross-promotion.  

To do this, you can start by reaching out to people with a small-sized audience like yours as they are likely to respond more. 

Repurpose Your Podcast into YouTube Videos and Blog Posts

This is a very significant way of getting more exposure to your content. YouTube has over 1billion daily views, so you can imagine the number of people that will get to view your show. 

To post on YouTube, you have to convert your podcast to video to convert the MP3 audio file into MP4. After that, you can add your brand image, links to websites, social media, and other listening platforms. 

You can also use a more effective measure like recording both video and audio format during production. This will make posting on YouTube easier. Instead of posting a static image on the screen, viewers will be happy to watch you live as they follow the show. 


When asked how to promote your podcast, these were some of the measures that came to us.  

However, in promoting your podcast show, you have to combine the various strategies to achieve the best result. It also takes some amount of creativity, diligence, and patients to win. 

Also, always research ways to attract more subscribers and viewers as you may unfold more.  

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