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HOW TO START A PODCAST Choosing a Podcast Host

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Next in this guide is learning how to choose a podcast host. The choice of podcast host is an important decision every podcaster has to make. It starts with ensuring that whichever podcast host will be able to meet your present and future goals. Today, there are numerous podcast hosts, and you can get lost in the sea of options.

Looking from afar, you’ll assume that all podcast hosts are the same. We’ll give you a close look, and you’ll realize that the bare minimum requirements of RSS feed and integration with podcast directories aren’t enough. There should be the bells and whistles that help you to grow towards monetizing your podcast. However, we’ll showcase the criterion that informs our choice of Disctopia as your Podcast host.

By the time you compare the requirements with others, you’ll agree with our choice

Monetization and Growth

Currently, no podcast host pays as much as Disctopia per stream. The industry average is between $0.00133 and $0.019 per stream. However, Disctopia pays as much as $0.05 per stream.

On other podcast hosts, it will take you between 53,000 to 751,000 streams to earn $1000 on different platforms; this is possible with only 20,000 streams on Disctopia. Look at the wide gap on what is obtainable on Disctopia and other podcast hosting platforms.

While monetizing podcasts is still a bit new, Disctopia is taking a massive leap by restoring financial stability to indie creatives. At the core of Disctopia’s philosophy is creating a level playing ground for a content creator to thrive.

So, while you are still struggling to get your podcast show off the ground, you will need to pitch your tent with a podcast host that helps you realize your financial potentials.

Audience Analytics and Metrics

You need to understand your audience and traffic. Your podcast host should be able to understand the demography and traffic source to your podcast show. The analytics should reveal what they are listening to, for how long, and when. This will help you create better contents that meet the needs of your ideal podcast listeners.

In meeting the needs of podcasters and other creatives on the Disctopia platform, the indie streaming platform recently launched a brand new analytics dashboard. This is to help provide in-depth reporting and analytics to content creators. On the new dashboard, podcasters will utilize a patent-pending system that accurately calculates streams and downloads.

By implication, podcasters know the total play per time, daily listenership, and listener engagement metrics. With Disctopia’s True Play dashboard, you’ll be able to create effective marketing strategies.

Website Integration

For any podcast show, there must be a website. While you have a podcast host, your website provides further details about the podcast show to your listeners. It is usually the landing page for anyone searching for information about your podcast.

As a newbie, you are not likely to have a podcast website yet. You still have an edge as you can confirm if the host allows for integration. It would be best if you were sure that your podcast host could integrate with the themes of WordPress. Most podcasters have their podcast website hosted on WordPress.

On Disctopia, the integration will not be a challenge as you can add a custom domain as an agency user. You will have a centralized place for all your podcast shows and also optimize for SEO. Disctopia supports domain routing

Merch Integration

For podcasters and other content creators, merchandise helps to build a community and promote your podcast show. Whether it’s a sweatshirt, a travel mug, or a water bottle, covering it in your podcast’s branding can go a long way to help establish yourself.

Merch is beyond just the potential income to be made from it, but how it helps your show. This is why you need to choose a podcast host that allows you to integrate your merch on the platform.

As a Disctopia creative, the platform allows you to list your merch alongside your podcast episodes. While you are making money per stream, you are also enlisting the service of your listeners in promoting your show for FREE.

In reality, merch might not be a sure income stream, but it’s a certain way of marketing your podcast show. This is more reason why it should form the basis of your choice of podcast host.

Media Player Capabilities

There’s rarely any podcast host out there without a media player to allow listeners to stream your show online. Usually, there’s an embeddable code that can be pasted into the backend of your own podcaster’s website or anywhere else.

As a podcaster, you should pay attention to the functionality, feel, and responsiveness of the embeddable media player. To grow your audience, the media player should be something pleasing to the eyes when shared on social media or elsewhere.

The embeddable player of Disctopia ticks all the right boxes. It’s like you are listening to music from your favorite music player. The player allows your listeners to subscribe to your podcast and have access to all your podcast show episodes.

Support and Ease of Use

No matter the number of features in place by a podcast host, it’s useless without understanding how it works. In making your choice, search YouTube, or check through the FAQ page of the podcast host to be sure that they address all of the concerns you might have.

Take a lot at how everything is laid out and the availability of technical information to use the podcast host. Take time out to message the support line, and see the time it takes to get a response.

You will need to sign up for a free trial to test out the responsiveness of the podcast host.

Wrap Up on How to Choose a Podcast Host

Disctopia is truly an excellent option for you to choose as a podcast host. It provides you with all of the resources and supports your podcast needs to take off. Being an intuitive and easy-to-use platform with a robust analytics dashboard, you will know what you are doing right (and wrong).

In the end, Disctopia helps you to scale your podcast and help you achieve financial freedom through an uncommon monetization policy.

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