How To Start a Podcast: Outsourcing The Editing and Graphics of Your Podcast


How to start a podcast

There’s a lot podcasters shy away from when learning how to start a podcast. One of such is how a podcast show can be time-consuming and tedious. As a new podcaster, let’s address the question of whether you should outsource some of your podcast production tasks. There’s nothing wrong with delegating some of the production tasks to focus on other essential areas of podcasting.  

While it might come at a little cost, you’ll be able to focus on the aspects of podcasting you love without experiencing burnout. You should know that podcast outsourcing is an industry on its own, with experts ready to help write podcast scripts, podcast promotion, guest management, and many more.  

The reality is that no one can be a master in all that guarantees the success of your podcast. That’s why we advise that you outsource every graphic design need of your podcast show. We are talking about your podcast’s cover art and social media promotional materials.  

One secret no one will tell you when learning how to start a podcast is about employing the power of visuals in attracting your podcast’s ideal listeners and engaging current listeners. Nothing outweighs the power of eye-catching images in piquing the curiosity of your ideal podcast listeners and for branding purposes.  

While there’s Canva and other template tools, they may not be enough to create the imagery required. Here’s how to hire a professional graphics designer for your podcast show;  

1. Hire an Agency 

This is where you can get the best level of professional service and could be the most expensive. While you’ll pay for their excellent service, you’ll also cover the agency’s overhead.  

You’ll receive the service within a quick turn around which is needed for your podcast show.  

2. Freelance Marketplace 

Here, you have thousands of options to choose from. This is often a cheap and fast means to getting quality graphic designers for your podcast show branding.  

The beauty of this option is the wide range of professionals at your disposal.  

3. Direct Freelancer  

From the marketplace, you can single out a freelance graphics designer to work with. You’ll be able to get easier communication and personal connection.  

How to Start a Podcast and Hire High-Quality Graphic Design Service 

To get the most out of your graphics design outsourcing, you need to have the following in place;  

  • An Agreement 

This is an agreement of the key deliverables, fee, non-disclosure agreement, and the complaint process.  

  • Template 

Since it’ll be a repeated service, you need to have a template for receiving the final product.  

  • Revision Process 

You need to agree on the revision process on every completed task and the timeframe for asking for fixes. 

  • Refund Policy 

While you should agree on the payment modalities and the refund policy in the event of a nad service.  

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