Revolutionizing the Music Industry: 10 Ways Disctopia Is Changing the Game

  With the rise of streaming services, the music industry is undergoing another transformation. Disctopia is one platform that’s making waves in this space. With Disctopia, independent musicians can share their music with a broader audience and take control of their careers by streaming it. However, Disctopia is more than just another streaming service. In […]

How to Utilize Text SMS Marketing For Music Promotion

We’ve established severally at Disctopia the seriousness indie artists need to attach to marketing. There are still marketing tools that average, hard-working, and focused independent artists can deploy; here’s how text SMS marketing for music promotion comes into the picture. Research has shown that SMS is the most used data service globally as 75% of […]

Independent Artists: 6 Thing You’re Forgetting to Do

The music industry can be fun but not as romantic as social media paints it. It will take a couple of rising and falling to master the inner workings of the music industry. We want to spare you the painful lessons other successful indie artists had to go through. Let’s get it straight; it’s pretty […]

At-Home Recording On A Budget

We know what it’s like to be a passionate artist.  You sacrifice your time, stability, energy and so much else to create.  But one thing you shouldn’t have to sacrifice is good sound.  Through Disctopia our commitment has always been to empower dedicated artists, podcasters and content creators like you to be their most authentic […]

8 Things About Music Promotion You May Not Have Known

The best point of entry for this blog post will be to debunk a lie about music promotion. That great music will find its audience. There’s nothing farther than this lie thrown around in the music industry. Don’t be deceived; music promotion is quite a task without which any artist will fail. It has never […]


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