Tips To Get Buzzing In The Press as an Indie Music Artist

Tips To Get Buzzing In The Press as an Indie Music Artist

As an indie music artist, getting your music buzzing in the press is tough. But with the right strategies, you can get the proper media attention.

Most musicians contact the press while releasing a new album or while going on a tour. While this is a popular way, there are a lot of other ways to draw the attention of the press to cover your music. In every way possible, musicians must make the best use of the media to promote themselves and their music among their audience and fans.

A perfect stranger needs to listen to your name a few times before they can motivate themselves to listen to your music. Hence it is essential for every musician to take advantage of the press opportunities in front of them. If you do this with full force before you release your next album, you will have already got a whole new audience primed for your music when it is hot and finally released.

This blog post provides practical tips to get your music noticed by the press and grow your audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting your career or looking to take it to the next level. These tips will give you the tools you need to succeed.

How to Get Your Music Buzzing in the Press

Follow these tips to get your music buzzing in the press:

Build a strong press kit

As an indie music artist, it’s crucial to have a strong press kit to help get your music noticed by the media. A press kit, also known as a media kit, is a collection of promotional materials. It provides information about you and your music to industry professionals.

To build a strong press kit, include a press release summarizing your latest album or single. It should provide details about your upcoming performances and any notable achievements. You should also have high-quality photos of yourself and a bio that tells your story.

Foster relationships with music journalists

As an indie music artist, fostering relationships with music journalists is essential. It helps get your music buzzing in the press. One way to do this is by actively following music journalists on social media.

You can also send them personalized emails introducing yourself and your music. Then offer to send them a press kit or sample tracks. Building a rapport with music journalists can lead to more coverage for your music. They are more likely to feature artists with whom they have a relationship.

Have a robust online presence

A robust online presence is crucial for any indie music artist. This includes having a professional website and active social media accounts. You should also have a consistent brand image.

Maintaining an online presence can help promote your music and reach a wider audience. Engaging with your fans and followers by posting updates is also essential. You can also share behind-the-scenes content and interact with their comments and messages.

You can establish yourself as a dedicated indie music artist by building a robust online presence. This increases the chances of getting your music noticed by the press.

When Starting a New Recording Mission

You can announce the beginning of recording a new album, single or collaboration. Share the information about the team you are working with, where the recording is happening, and what is so different about the present project when compared to the previous ones.

When the Recording Process is Progressing Wildly

While the recording process might stretch over a month or two, you can heighten the excitement by sharing the details of how it is moving forward. Give your audience a taste of how many songs you are working on, interesting song titles, photos, rough mixes, demos or even videos are great things to share with your fans to keep them engaged.

While the Recording Is Over

When your recordings are finished, you can make a big announcement saying they are finally done. This can provide you with yet another opportunity to share the newer details about the project including the photos and videos of you in the studio in addition to talking about the expected release timeline.

When Choosing the Title For Your Album

Your audience might be naturally waiting with excitement to know the name of your album. Around this time, you can make use of the favorable buzz to talk about some details focusing on your career. What is so interesting about the new album? Talk about how the title reflects the vision of the project.

When the Album Art is Ready

This can be a really fun situation that will add to the excitement of the fans. People are very eager to get a glance at the covers of albums that are waiting to be released. You can make use of this opportunity by pitching your story to the press. You can talk about the design and the designer of your cover. Let people know what it is about the relationship between the cover design and your music that makes it so interesting. It is advised to share a high-resolution image of your cover at this point.

The Other Occasions That Can Be Used to Contact the Press

When you launch your first single from your new record. When you start a video or there are some changes in your band. Even when you enter into a sponsorship, endorsement deal, partnership, or collaboration with a co-brand or another product, it makes a tremendous difference when you contact the press to make your moves public. These steps will help trigger the curiosity and interest of your audience and fans. Not only that but it will also create big excitement among them before your new album is even released.


An indie music artist can use these tips to get their music buzzing in the press. Follow these strategies and put in the effort. You’ll see that you can effectively promote their music and reach a wider audience.