How to Utilize Text SMS Marketing For Music Promotion

We’ve established severally at Disctopia the seriousness indie artists need to attach to marketing. There are still marketing tools that average, hard-working, and focused independent artists can deploy; here’s how text SMS marketing for music promotion comes into the picture.

Research has shown that SMS is the most used data service globally as 75% of consumers prefer SMS marketing to other forms of direct marketing, and 90% feel the urge to respond to texts.

Text messaging is a more effective and accessible means of communication for an independent musician. Indie Artists who want to have a larger fan base can take advantage of SMS text marketing. SMS has been found to trigger quick responses and communication between customers and brands as a mobile marketing tool. It is more personal and can serve as a reminder to the audience to open their email, increasing the email open rate by 30%. So, why haven’t Indie artists enjoyed the array of benefits accrued from using this means of brand communication?

What is SMS Marketing?

Like email marketing, SMS marketing is a medium brands and businesses communicate with their customers. SMS stands for Short Messaging Service. SMS marketing is sending text messages for promotional campaigns, news, and updates by brands.

As a direct form of communication, independent Indie artists can control who they reach and the content of their messages. You can track your audience’s rate of satisfaction, engagement, replies, how often they open your brand’s SMS. As an Indie Artist, you can combine SMS with email marketing to grab the attention of your fans to an upcoming show or create awareness of your songs.

Since your fans are more likely to read their texts than email, you can use SMS marketing to send last-minute changes, updates, and even show cancellations. SMS text marketing is a cheap communication channel that drives higher engagement and creates a more personal relationship between Indie Artists and their loyal fans.


How Text SMS Marketing For Music Promotion Can be used by Indie Artists?

Text SMS Marketing For Music Promotion

To get started, all you need is a mobile phone. However, unlike the standard text messages that you send to friends and family, you also need SMS marketing tools in addition to your smartphone. SMS marketing tools are the software that facilitates text message campaigns for businesses. They provide easier access to contact customers. You download SMS marketing apps on your smartphone and start sending crucial information to your fans. Remember, spamming your audience is the quickest way of losing a significant portion of your fans.

SMS marketing software allows you to give your fans a chance to opt in and out of the marketing campaign. The apps also allow you to track the open rate, click rate, and other engagement statistics. SMS marketing tools will enable you to segment your contacts and keep you in check of SMS marketing regulations. Indie Artists can use keyword campaigns in their SMS marketing, offer free loyalty gifts to their fans, increase traffic to their websites, and send tour schedules or any change in their song release date.

Best SMS Marketing Tools For Indie Artists

Try TextMagic to quickly get started on your SMS marketing journey. TextMagic is one of the easiest SMS text marketing tools Indie Artists can use to engage more fans. Add more contacts, convert your emails to SMS, SMS API integration, use SMS distribution lists, and chat directly with your audience with TextMagic. TextMagic charges $0.04 per outbound text.

Sendinblue is a marketing tool designed for transactional messages through SMS and email. Sendinblue is an all-in-one flexible marketing solution Indie musicians can take advantage of in their campaign. The platform offers free and pay-as-you-go SMS text marketing services for small businesses.

ActiveCampaign is known for its unique SMS and email automation. The cloud software platform can be integrated with other third-party apps to send bulk SMS to a large audience. It also has advanced CRM tools for enhanced customer engagement. More so, you can define your SMS delivery time, confirm text delivery, and notify your audience about upcoming events. ActiveCampaign offers four payment plans, namely, Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

EZ Texting is a cloud-based mass SMS marketing tool for small and medium businesses. Indie Artists that hope to grow their fanbase can use this platform to send text messages to an infinite number of contacts. EZ texting enables third-party app integration and 2-way conversational messages between artists and their audience. It offers flexible pricing for all business sizes.

Twilio is one of the most popular SMS marketing tools for brands. Twilio allows you to integrate APIs and oscillate between calls and SMS. However, Twilio would be more applicable for tech-savvy individuals and those with experience in text marketing.

How can Indie Artists use SMS Marketing to Reach Their Audience?

SMS marketing is a cost-effective way of promoting your music to a broader audience than other marketing channels. Text SMS marketing for music promotion by indie artist is reliable. With marketing tools, you can track the performance of your promotional strategies over time.

You can also use an SMS promotional campaign as an additional means of engagement with your audience. You can also use SMS marketing to drive traffic to your website by sending your fans link to your site.

There are certain dos and don’ts of SMS text marketing. For instance, to ensure that your targets read and respond to your text, send it at the appropriate time. Do not bombard your fans with irrelevant messages that will make them opt out. Furthermore, you can segment your audience to ensure that the recipients receive only essential and relevant messages.

To increase your visibility, you can give incentives in the form of a free ticket, merch, and souvenirs to fans who regularly respond to your texts. Also, you can give your fans a link to get a sneak-peak of your songs before you release them through your SMS campaign.

You can ask your audience to opt-in to your SMS campaign by leaving their numbers on your website, email, or social media fan page.

Final Thoughts on Text SMS Marketing For Music Promotion 

Do you know that 4.2 billion people send texts every day? Still, 72% of people prefer text messages over phone calls, much less email.

It might be challenging to get sponsorship if you are just starting your music career. This is why employing SMS tools can be a great way of promoting your songs and increasing your fanbase.