8 Things About Music Promotion You May Not Have Known

The best point of entry for this blog post will be to debunk a lie about music promotion. That great music will find its audience. There’s nothing farther than this lie thrown around in the music industry. Don’t be deceived; music promotion is quite a task without which any artist will fail. It has never been good enough just to be a good musician. Behind every good musician, you will find a badass music promotion team.

On this note, let’s a list of 13 things you don’t know about music promotion. If you are an independent artist, you should read this till you are past the dozen and one point.

Music Promotion

1. Money Does Not Translate To Impact

How you spend your money on promotion may generate more impact than how much you spend. That’s why you’ll see prominent artists emptying their account on promotion yet; the result is lackluster.

It’s essential you understand your audience and where to reach them.

2. Focus Energy on Singles Rather Than Album

With the rise of streaming platforms, the attention span of your audience is waning. Not many people have the time to listen through an album. To get the best result, focus your promotion on just a few singles.

In the end, your audience will be invested in your art and seek your album.

3. Take It Offline

Yes, everyone is online, but reaching them offline also works. Adopt the old fashion style of music promotion by organizing album listening sessions, going to radio stations, and attending shows.

Don’t forget all the growth avenue offline while devoting all of your attention online.

4. Promoting Music is Different From Promoting Yourself

There’s a thick line between artist promotion and music promotion. However, it would be best if you did all you can to get your name in the public domain whenever the chance avails itself.

5. Submit EPK to Press Outlets

An electronic Press Kit is like a brochure; it is an introduction to your music. You can choose to include promotional photos, bio, singles, and links to online platforms.

Approach media outlets with your EPK, distribute to as many as you can reach.

6. Social Media Will Not Save Your Career

Of course, social media is a tool to connect to your fanbase, but at the same time, can be a huge distraction. Don’t neglect the significant parts of your career.

There’s a lot social media can do to your career but not saving it.

7. Adopt The 80/20 Rule on Social Media

If you’ve decided to use social media for music promotion, you’ll need to work along with the 80/20 rule. 80% of your content should be about your family, friends, and personal life.

Only 20% of your content should be devoted to your marketing pushes.

8. Work With Influencers

Not just within the music industry but outside of it. There are influential figures online that can help in the promotion of your tunes.

Do a cross-platform promotion within gaming, make-up tutorials, and workout niche.

Final Thought on Music Promotion 

Your success as an indie artist begins and ends with your effort at music promotion. You’ve got to go out of the box in placing your music in front of those whom you target.

Remember, you cannot afford to fail in promoting your music.