The Business of Music, Pt.2: Steps Towards Becoming a Successful Indie Artist

The Business of Music, Pt.2: Steps Towards Becoming a Successful Indie Artist

No matter what business you’re in, there is usually a formula for success. Although it isn’t always a linear line, there are always key metrics that generate victorious outcomes. This calculation has been especially tricky in the business of music, because the industry has evolved drastically, and in a myriad of ways over the past […]

Top 5 Podcasts For Independent Musicians

The top podcasts to listen to in 2021 for a new or growing independent musician…. Indie Music Plus – find the best services and creative solutions for your independent music journey! Independent Music Podcast – let’s check out the top ten newest songs in the world, regardless of style, genre, or country or origin! European […]

The Anatomy of Great Independent Music

Great Independent Music

What makes great independent music? The strength of every song can be found in the story behind it. While there are transformative songs, evergreen artists can touch the souls of even generations unborn. It’s not just about being great at independent music, but the necessary traits required to give you a push. Outside of talent […]

Why Being an Independent Artist is Better than Signing to a Label

Indie artists

Artists nowadays have a ton of options when it comes to how they approach music. In fact, bedroom pop has become an entirely new movement and music genre which has to lead to more and more artists taking the DIY route when it comes to making music. But the changes don’t end here, as artists […]

Will Independent Artists Ever Rule the World?

In the old music business, artists are at the mercy of labels. What if you intend to stand alone as an independent artist? They’ve got just two options, be signed to a label and hope to succeed, or treat music as a hobby by playing at bars and clubs. Invariably, getting signed to a label […]