Let’s Talk About Xanman: DMV Rapper on the Rise!

Xanman is wearing a blue jean jacket and an orange shirt.
Xanman DMV Rapper
Xanman-Photocred: Pitchfork.com

DMV native rapper, ‘Xanman’, has been consistently pushing out content ever since his release from jail on May 6th, of this year. It hasn’t been talked about how talented he is. Coming out with a new song and (usually) new music video at least once a week, as well as consistently dropping mixtapes, Xanman is slowly but surely turning into one of my favorite artists of the time.

What makes Xanman so unique is his ability to switch from his DMV gangster rap flow to his light-hearted singing; Which he does quite often. He creates songs like “Xanstyle 2”, “Heard Cuz Was Hot”, and “ Spill Em”. In the same breath, he is responsible for creating beautiful songs like “Mac-10”, “Point”, and “I Know”. His unique style of off-beat rap mimics that of Blueface when he first started rapping. However, it’s oddly more fitting for him. Considering all the talent that has recently put the DMV back on the map (Goonew, Yung Manny, YBN Chordae, etc.), it’s no surprise that he is as hot as he is now.

Xanman’s consistent content creation can be attributed to his philosophy of life. He says: “keep doing what you love even if nobody is watching.” “Even if only 5 people watch your videos and they’re all family, that’s 5 more people supporting you than before”, he states. A man that can only be described with synonyms of “ambition”, you can see he’s hungry for the position.

I don’t see Xanman slowing down anytime soon. With the help of his fellow rappers from the DMV, and his inevitable recognition, I can see him becoming a prominent figure in the underground rap game very soon.