5 Love Songs That Will Get You in The Mood for Valentine’s Day

5 Love Songs That Will Get You in The Mood for Valentine's Day

Let’s add a bit of spice to your love life with these songs that will get you in the mood with your lover for Valentine’s Day. Do you know that music has been proven to be a libido booster? It plays a distinct role in the bedroom. It can get you in the mood as it sends signals to many parts of your brain, not just the hearing sense.

How To Make a Podcast: Where to Get Music For Your Podcast

How to Make a Podcast; Where to Get music for your podcast

As much as you would have loved, you can’t just use any music that comes to mind in your podcast. You have favorites songs or artists that you would have loved to use their music as an intro, outro, or background music. As tempting as it might appear, please don’t do it. We live in […]

How To Get Fans for Your Independent Music

Biggest Independent Artists

As an independent artist, you have to do virtually everything yourself at first. You need to self-produce, distribute, and promote your songs. This might be because managers will want a cut of your little revenue and publicists are certainly not cheap. With that said, the biggest independent artists in the industry reach that pinnacle of […]

5 Biggest Independent Artists Breaking into the Commercial Scene

Biggest Independent Artists.png

One of the most critical debates among indie fans in the 80s and even perhaps in the 90s was whether an artist should live “righteously” or sell out.  In this piece, we will be talking about 5 of the biggest independent artists and how they are making in road into the commercial scene. An artist […]

How The Biggest Independent Artists Overcome Stage Fright

Biggest Independent Artists

Let’s say you are about to climb up the stage of The Voice or The Masked Singer, in the quest to being one of the biggest independent artists, the wait has been killing, but you’ve been able to stay cool ice all along. Now that you are about to be called up stage, you can […]

How to Promote Indie Music Using the Radio

how to promote indie music

If you are an independent musician, you have more to do than a record label artist. You are the one responsible for songwriting, music production, and even how to promote indie music. Of all the tasks you need to shoulder as an independent musician, the most challenging is music promotion. There are hundreds of thousands […]

How To Use Playlists to Market Your Music

How To Use Playlists to Market Your Music

When it comes to music, trends come and go, but playlists always remain. That’s why you need to learn how to use playlists to market your music. This is why it’s the wish and dream of every music artist and songwriter to rank at the top of a music playlist. If your goal as an […]

How To Use Canva To Create an Album Cover For Your Music

Create an Album Cover For Your Music

In your bid to join the league of the biggest independent artists, you’ll have to become a graphics designer and even a music promoter. While you can hire an expert music producer and sound engineer, these professionals will not create an album cover for your music. There’s also another issue, and it’s about the availability […]

The Most Wanted Music Right Now: “Ghost” by Justine Bieber

The most wanted music right now

Who would have thought that a song released in 2021 is fast becoming the most wanted music right now in early 2022? Well, this is a song from Justin Bieber, so we weren’t expecting anything lesser than that. This music demigod knows his craft very well, and all his songs have always been top-notch. This […]