How To Use Playlists to Market Your Music

How To Use Playlists to Market Your Music

How To Use Playlists to Market Your Music

When it comes to music, trends come and go, but playlists always remain. That’s why you need to learn how to use playlists to market your music.

This is why it’s the wish and dream of every music artist and songwriter to rank at the top of a music playlist. If your goal as an indie artist is to reach more people with every track, you’ve got to find your way into every available playlist.

As an indie artist, your best route to becoming popular with your music is by being on a playlist, as many as possible. Whether on Spotify, Disctopia, or YouTube music, your audience spends a great deal of time listening to playlists. Most people can’t go through a day without listening to their playlists.

It’s not enough to release a piece of music and expect people to magically find it. That’s not how things work. Playlists are a smart way to get your music out without spamming your audience.

So, how do you market your music and ensure you reach your desired audience? In this article, we will discuss how to use playlists to market your music; 

1. Create Your Playlist

One of the best ways to promote your music with a playlist is to create one. This should be your first line of action as an indie artist. As a new artist, it may be a bit difficult to find your way into a playlist. Don’t be bothered; you must take things into your own hands.

Creating a playlist is not just putting together a couple of your songs. You must collaborate with other artists interested in using playlists to promote their music.

You should not only network with other upcoming artists but also with established artists with a thriving fanbase. The idea is to collaborate with artists that can increase the visibility of your playlist.

Note that the more people share your playlist, the bigger your audience will become.

2. Partner with Brands To Promote Your Playlist

Brands rely on music playlists to connect emotionally with their target audience. Knowing that music can evoke emotions, brands are shifting attention to artists to make a connection.

You see that local coffee shop, club, or karaoke close to you, walk there, and ask to see the manager. Give them your playlists and ask if they can play it sometimes.

3. Share Your Playlist on Social Media

At Disctopia, we are interested in how indie artists can easily connect with their fans. Social media has a huge role in cultivating such beneficial connections.

Billions of people use social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, making them essential for promoting your playlist. There’s also Instagram that offers stories, Reels, Instagram Live, etc., to help promote your playlist.

Social media offers you a place to unveil a new song, share a curated playlist, and celebrate an album anniversary. In no time, you’ll be surprised at how your numbers will soar.

4. Awaken Emotions With Playlists

Creating a playlist that emits certain emotions and atmosphere is a key to marketing your music.

Often, people like to listen to certain songs while enjoying a plate of delicious meals or sipping a drink. Why not take advantage of that?

Think about what emotion you want to evoke from your audience while creating your playlist.

You could make a combo of songs about sipping wine and insert your music there. You could also use cities, birthplace, movies, or a playlist of soundtracks. Whichever one you choose, let the playlist put people in the right mood for the specific action, and they’ll keep running back for more.

5. Put Your Track into other People’s Playlist

This is the fastest way to market your music, especially as an upcoming artist. The best way around this is to meet the owner of the playlist. There’s always someone who can offer this to you. Check music platforms for independent musicians.

Start a conversation about how you intend to build a marketing campaign with them. You can then look at their range of playlists to see if your track feels right for any of their list. This approach allows you to leverage their following to build your online presence.

You can also utilize catalogs if you have older tracks. You can pitch a certain music team that you think your old track fits into perfectly and add your music

6. Share Your Playlist to Radio Shows

Various radio stations (local and commercial) around today can share your playlist. Discuss with them to feature your music in any of their shows.

You can pitch online radio owners too. Online radio is even easier to pitch because individuals mostly own them. Share your playlist with them or create your online radio to start promoting your playlist today.

Just take your time to research the radio station that is a good fit for your song.

Final Thoughts

A playlist is a great way to sell your music while keeping your fans entertained. Sometimes, your playlist can look like a mixtape, but that’s fine.

The goal is to keep adding more tracks and refresh it. Interaction is key here. Posting your playlist on social media is another great way to market and help your followers discover your music.