The Most Wanted Music Right Now: “Ghost” by Justine Bieber

The most wanted music right now

Who would have thought that a song released in 2021 is fast becoming the most wanted music right now in early 2022? Well, this is a song from Justin Bieber, so we weren’t expecting anything lesser than that. This music demigod knows his craft very well, and all his songs have always been top-notch. This beautiful piece titled GHOST isn’t only left out but has also risen to the level of being identified as the most wanted music out there. Read on to find out why this music is regarded as such

Ghost is the sixth song from his album: Justice, and it is the sixth song on this album. It was written by him and four other globally renowned producers: Jon Bellion, Stephan Johnson, Jordan K. Johnson, and Michael Pollack. The coming together of a talented artist and these world-renowned and recognized producers birthed this beautiful piece. Little wonder it is a top-notch song. Commercially, Ghost has reached the number one song in Singapore; it has also been topping the music charts in over nine countries. For weeks now, it is has retained its position on the Top Ten Music Charts in Canada.

Ghost is a pop-rock genre song, and it was released on September 10, 2021. In an interview where Justine Bieber had appeared, he made it known that the inspiration behind the ghost song was his urge to make people feel that there is hope. In addition, he also wanted people to know that all hurt and trauma felt at the present moment would not last forever. Jon Bellion, who was also involved in the songwriting and production, made it known through one of his tweets that he wrote that piece to acknowledge his grandmother.

The lyrics and composition of this song are top-notch. It has a tempo of seventy-seven beats per minute, and it was sung on key D major. This pop-rock song combines Electronic Dance Music (EDM ) and shimmering EDM synthesizers. The programmed drums, bass, and acoustic guitar blend is one big reason why most music scholars rate this song very high. Talking about the lyrics, it is a song that expresses grief which is majorly caused by the absence of those dear to us. One touching part of the song was where he sang;

“And if you can’t be next to me

Your memory is ecstasy

I miss you more than life

I miss you more than life

Youngblood thinks there’s.”

It is not an arguable fact that all efforts put in the production of this song are intentional and topnotch. It ranges from the songwriters to the producers and instruments used. This made the song rich in production and globally loved, but that is not all that there is to it. There is another part, and this is the promotion part. To promote this song, Justine Beiber collaborated with Dolly Laboratories. Both parties came together to do a long-form commercial fir Dolby atmos, and the song was included. Asides from this, with the help of the billboard chart director named Cary Trust, Ghost started being promoted officially on United States pop radio. Justin also performed the song Bieber MTV Video Music Awards in 2021.

The music video for ghost was first premiered on October 8, 2021. Colin Tilley directed the video, and it is indeed a perfect match for this top-notch audio music. It opened with Justine Bieber playing the keyboard and celebrating his grandfather’s birthday with him. Afterward, he was seen mourning his grandfather’s death and also trying to console people around him who were mourning his death as well. Our description might not correctly describe the awesomeness of this video, so we would leave you to it till you watch it.

Final Thought on The Most Wanted Music Right Now

It is no surprise that “Ghost” by Justine Bieber is the most wanted music right now. Seeing it on top of music charts and billboards is enough proof. Going through our analyses above, you will understand why this music is most wanted and why that position perfectly suits it. The vibes wow us we get from this song, and we will love to get more of it from Justine Bieber and other artists. Or wouldn’t you like that?