15 Things You Should Know About Independent Artists

Independent Artists

Indie music isn’t new; what is new is the relevance and attention it has gained in recent times. It has become a significant music category with significant artists who have gained fame. That’s not to ignore the thousands of indie artists that are unknown, unsigned and without any guarantee of success. There’s quite a lot of things that are not in the public realm about independent artists, and this blog post will identify a couple of these;

Independent Artists

  1. Independent Artists account for 5% of the total sales in the industry. This segment of the market has grown by 6% in the last six years.
  2. Despite not signed to any major label, indie artists also leverage on the network of labels either for promotion or distribution of their works.
  3. An average indie artist isn’t after fame or fortune; they are just concerned about making enough to put food on the table for the day.
  4. Streaming revenues for indie artists have grown by 80.4%, faster than the 78% growth in the primary music market.
  5. Despite the pandemic, independent artists are expected to generate about $2 billion in 2020. This is from about $1 Billion generated in 2020.
  6. Chance The Rapper, Joey Bada$$, and Zoe Keating are three of the most prominent indie artists currently.
  7. Britain used to be the breeding spot for most Indie artists as it heralded the established of numerous independent artists labels.
  8. In revenue, independent artists are currently outshining the three major record labels. They control 32% of both physical and digital sales.
  9. It costs between $20,000 and $50,000 to start a small independent record label. This is why it’s challenging to know the number of independent record labels in existence.
  10. As an indie artist signed to an independent record label, you have the liberty and freedom to whatever you wish with your song once recorded.
  11. Unlike when signed to major record labels, indie artists have the liberty to record more music than usual.
  12. Despite being an indie artist, you can hire the service of a management team to help in the day to day running of your activities.
  13. As an indie artist, you can go on a radio tour or rely majorly on internet radio services for music promotion.
  14. Lack of work ethics is one of the major reasons why indie artists fail. Other reasons include lack of knowledge, inability to work in a team, and many other reasons.
  15. As an indie artist, you can sell your music in any format and kind of recordings. You can also sell to anyone and at any time.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t know much about independent artists, this should give you heads up on the industry. Don’t forget to share this blog post on social media.