Ways To Promote Your Holiday Single

During the Christmas and New Year season, people delightfully search for new songs. If they happen to stumble across any of your songs, they might take an interest in visiting your other music too. Here is how you can make your song stand out and heard by people.

Ways To Promote Your Holiday Single

Arrange to feature your song in a holiday playlist

A large number of people source their music from playlists. Holiday playlists are eagerly sought after by people during the season when they span over the different genres. Look for some good playlists by companies that have an accomplished track record. Arrange to feature your song in the reputed holiday playlist. Now you can sit back and enjoy your song becoming popular.

Place ads on Facebook

Facebook provides access to a large number of targeted advertising tools. Hence it is possible for you to let your music reach the right kind of listeners. Usually, the period in which you market for a holiday single is concise. So, display your music for a few days spending a couple of dollars a day on the advertisements so that you end up creating a significant impact.

Create a video and let your fans use the song in their videos too

While looking for content to display in your followers’ feeds, Facebook highly prefers videos. However, to ensure it happens, it is necessary that your video is housed on Facebook. Posting a YouTube link will not do. So, it helps shooting a video for your holiday single and posting it on various social media channels.

You can also create a good lip-sync video on a low budget in your living room. If you are planning it for the Christmas season, think of having a Christmas tree in the background with the fireplace lit. If you are looking forward to other people spreading your music, YouTube has become a very powerful avenue now. You can allow your fans to freely use your new single in their holiday videos and home movies. When they get to earn money, you too stand to gain.

Get local

If you reflect, you have been missing out on a lot of promotional opportunities right in front of you. Reach out to the local TV news programs and radio stations. You will find community and college radio programs as highly potential avenues to promote your music. If you can get some coverage and/or have your music played on the radio, that is a huge promotional step. Partnering with a local non-profit or charity event by donating a part of the earnings from your song is a great idea. When the organization gets promoted, you also stand to win.

Book for a holiday tour while staying in your hometown

Identify the Christmas shows set up in the region that are just a few minutes away from you. Holidays provide a unique kind of experience, and you have chances to team up with a variety of venues including concerts, wineries, libraries, and others which will introduce you to different kinds of your audience every time. Identify your local or regional businesses, parks, restaurants, churches and shops, skating rinks, public spaces, and tree-lighting ceremonies. If anyone of them is interested to call you about hosting a holiday party, make use of the opportunity. You can use this gig to promote your holiday single online as well.