‘Roddy Ricch’: “A Promising and Consistent New Artist.”

Roddy Ricch is wearing a blue and white leather jacket. Roddy has on a white shirt underneath the jacket. He stands on front of a silver background

Roddy Ricch has been one of the most consistent new artists that I can remember in recent years. Everything he touches turns to gold. For the last year and a half, Roddy seems to only be able to produce hits. This album tells the same story. Roddy is a star and it’s time the world acknowledges that as well.

roddy ricch
Roddy Ricch- Photo Cred: DJ Booth.

From the first song, “Intro”, you could tell this album was special. Roddy comes in from an introspective uplifting perspective speaking on his upbringing and rises to fame. It has a perfect leeway into one of the albums best songs, “The Box”. Roddy has a great grasp of his autotune. You can hear the strong influence Future and Young Thug has on him. One day we need to have a conversation about how much influence Future and Thug have on artists these days.

Roddy has a great knack for melodies. It seems as if it just comes easy to him. This has been evident even before this project. I believe that’s why his career took the trajectory that it did. You can feel his emotion behind each of his lyrics. In music, that is the key. Once the listener can feel what you’re telling them, then you have their heart forever. This project from Roddy was very promising and I am looking forward to more.