Useful Tips for Promoting Your Music On Social Media Platforms

Social platforms provide a free or very cheap way to reach out to your audience. The risks associated with promoting music on social media platforms is low, and the results of promotion can be measured in real time. Also, it is possible to scale up depending on your budget. Know that when it comes to promoting your music on them, none of the social media platforms are the best. Also, it is not possible for you to manage them all at once. Here are some expert tips on how to make the best use of social media platforms for promoting your music.

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Focus only on two platforms that are right for you

No one can prescribe the right and wrong platform for you. While some musicians do well on Twitter, some others feel it is a mere waste of time. The suitability of the platform ultimately depends on your audience, genre, and your personality. Find one or two platforms where you can make an impact. Here is how to ascertain the effectiveness of a platform.

Ability to engage you

The platform you choose must be able to engage you very well. If you can sound purely authentic on a particular platform, it is probably the right pick for you. However, if the platform cannot promote your brand well enough and you do not like the experience on it, it is better to spend your efforts elsewhere.

A way to follow-up

Sometimes it will take time to discover how to reach some specific segments of your audience on a given social media platform. When you are spending time and money along with your hard efforts, it is necessary that the platform you seek can facilitate re-targeting. If the ad or post that you make disappears in the ether, it is a mere waste of time. You must have the ability to send a follow-up message to those that engage with your content.

Easy ways to drive traffic off-platform

Some platforms are quite crazy about things that will send the traffic somewhere else. For example, Twitter can permit live links on its platform which will come to your advantage. Most of the Twitter feeds are external links. On YouTube, you can use cards and end screens to drive traffic out of their platform to your website, crowdfunding campaign or merchandise store. This will be the best side of the platform you are using so that you can direct your fans to where you want them to go like showing them your merchandise for sale, how to sign up for emails etc.

Connecting to your target audience

It is essential that you and your target audience are on the platform you use. Before sharing your music, it is necessary to verify if your audience is active over there.

Measurable benefits

It just does not matter how many fans you have on any given social media platform. If your audience and fans are not going to engage with your music, it is of no importance to you. The benefits you are likely to get from the platform has to give this first priority.

Looking from all these angles, decide which platforms will work the best for you and make the best use of them to promote your music.