Top 5 Videos Every Independent Artist Needs to Watch

Videos Every Independent Artist Needs to Watch

As an independent artist, you’ve got a lot of courage in you to pursue music independently. Suppose you intend to succeed (obviously you want to) in this brave new world. In that case, you’ll need to learn and make use of every resource available.

Streaming revenue has been on the rise since 2016, and independent artists are positioned to generate the most of the growing revenue. At Disctopia, we went to ensure that every artist is at an advantage with their art. That’s why we give you access to some of the best resources available to provide you with the boost to succeed.

Videos Every Independent Artist Needs to Watch

To this end, you may not have the time and patience to read the hundreds of carefully research articles we provide; that’s why we’ll be guiding you towards Youtube videos. While there are thousands of videos intended for indie artists, we’ve selected about five that we believe can help you jump start your indie music career;

1. How To Pay Off Your House With Streaming Revenue

Your adrenaline pumping with the title of the video, right? That’s how you are meant to feel from this eye-opening discussion between David Hopper and Lance Allen. There’s quite a lot discussed in the sit-down if you can fully implement all of the ideas.

The video’s highlight is that it reveals how you can increase your followers on streaming platforms and increase your streaming revenue. By scoring these two crucial goals, you are likely to be able to pay off your mortgage.

2. How To Run Effective Facebook Ads For $1 a Day

Let’s set something straight before watching this video; while you can improve your chances of success as an indie artist by leveraging on Facebook ads, $1 a day may not be enough to get the job done any longer.

That said, you need to take advantage of the opportunities provided by social media in connecting with your fans and target audience. By watching this video, you’ll learn the secrets of building superfans and followers using Facebook. This can also be replicated on other social media outlets.

3. How Indie Artists Get Serious Money

Imagine the endless possibilities if you can make “serious money” as an indie artist. That’s precisely what this video is about. It opens the eyes of indie artists to the business angle of the music business.

The video talks about investing in yourself as an indie artist, building a brand around your music, and making a profit. It will help if you approach your music as a businessman without disconnecting from making great music.

4. Nipsey Hussle’s 12 Tips To Build An INDEPENDENT Music Empire

Who doesn’t know Nipsey Hussle today? He’s the perfect example of what independent artists are capable of achieving. While it’s not advisable to aim at replicating success in the indie music industry (that’s if it’s even possible), Nipsey enviable success is what every indie artist should strive to surpass.

This video attempted to dissect the success of Nipsey Hussle as an independent music artist. The high point of the analysis is treating success as an indie artist more as a marathon rather than a sprint. You’ll find all of the 12 tips handy in your journey as an indie artist.

5. 4 Ways To Effectively Promote Your Songs As Independent Artists Like Music Marketing Companies Do

To be successful as an indie artist, you need to double up your efforts with music promotion. You need to be able to think outside of the box and generate steam for your music. It does not matter if you are not boxed up like record label artists; you still need to find a way to generate hype for your music.

There’s an approach music marketing companies adopt in marketing their artists. That’s precisely what this video teaches. If you can work on just 2 of the four tips, you’ll see tremendous results in your music promotion.