How To Get Verified on Twitter as an Indie Artist in 2022

Anyone can get verified on Twitter today, and that’s why you should know how to get verified on Twitter in 2022.  As an artist, you even stand a better chance just by proving that you are genuine and active on the platform. Never underestimate the power of Twitter in your career as an artist. There’s an unlimited amount of people that you can connect to via social media.

Twitter, like every other social media, is an excellent promotional tool with immense potential. Go through Twitter daily; you’ll find artists sharing their personal stories and inspiring success stories.

There’s rarely a successful person in the music industry without a presence on Twitter. Indeed, Twitter offers you the platform to build your music career to an amiable and enviable height.

In this piece, our focus will be on how you can get verified on Twitter in 2022;

Who is Eligible To Get Verified on Twitter?

According to Twitter’s verification policy, there are six categories of individuals and entities that are eligible for verification;

  • Government
  • News organizations and journalists
  • Entertainment
  • Companies, brands, and organizations
  • Sports and Gaming
  • Activists, organizers, and other influential individuals

Outside of these categorizations, Twitter also expects the account to be complete, with your name, profile image, and a confirmed email address or phone number. More so, the account must have been active within the last six months with a clean slate in line with Twitter rules.

Let’s get into the basics of getting your Twitter account verified. Here’s what you need to get done;

How to Get Verified on Twitter

1. Complete Your Twitter Profile

You can’t have a verified but incomplete Twitter account. A complete Twitter account means you have a profile and cover picture, your name, birthday, and biography. You should also include your website if you have one.

To do this, click on the “Edit Profile” and fill in all the details. 

2. Set Your Account To Public

To get verified on Twitter, you need to set your tweets to public. Not only is it a great promotional tool, but an essential aspect of the verification process.

To do this, visit your Twitter Security and Privacy settings, uncheck the “Tweet Privacy” box.

3. Fill Out Twitter Verification Form

This is where you signify interest in having a blue tick on your Twitter account; it’s where you’ll explain why you are deserving of being verified.

You will need to wait for at least 30 days before any communication and completing the verification process.

Tips on How to Get Verified on Twitter as an Artist in 2022

Let’s now work on improving your chances of being verified. The steps we’ve listed are just the process; there’s no guarantee that you’ll be verified. Here’s what we think you should do;

1. Stay Active

Social media rewards activity and engagement. As an artist, devote time to engaging with your followers and even fellow artists.

What you are saying to the Verification Team is that you take Twitter seriously. Even without aiming for verification, you should stay active to boost your exposure.

2. Be Intentional About Your Photos

In choosing your profile and cover photo, you need to be careful. These are the first things that anyone notices when they stumble on your account.

Let it depict that you are an artist. It may be a studio recording session or a live performance gig.

3. Flaunt Your Accomplishments and Digital Footprints

We think you should let Twitter know that you matter outside of the platform to maximize your chances further. Start by including your website, media mentions, awards, and articles written about you.

You are building social proof that Twitter will find irresistible.

4. Sell Yourself and Others in the Twitter Pitch

While it may be a great avenue to sell yourself, there’s also room for you to talk about how being verified will be good for others.

Try to bring a lot of positives to the table. Don’t let it be just about you, but the entire Twitter platform.

Final Thoughts

We are not saying getting blue ticked will be easy, but we’ve made it simpler. Our intent at Disctopia is to look out for creatives and how they can better promote their art.

This content isn’t just about indie artists, but podcasters, music producers, and every other person in the creative industry.

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