How Technology Is Changing Music Promotion and Marketing

Music Promotion and Marketing

Music is one of the human race’s greatest and loyal companions.  It will continue to evolve and people will continue to accept it in any shape, format, and dimension it assumes. Whatever technology touches, it changes and music isn’t going to be an exception. We can’t expect music promotion to be static when the way we consume music has heavily changed over the years.

No doubt, technology has left both positive and negative marks on the music landscape. Beyond music promotion and marketing, technology has altered the transmission, distribution, performance, and hearing of music.

Music Promotion and Marketing

With just a click of a button, a hitherto unknown musician can become a viral superstar, all thanks to the digitization of music. Technology did not just make music easier to promote, but also cheaper to market.

The eye-opening moment of what the internet and social media are capable of doing was how the songs behind PSY’s Gangnam Style went to top the charts in scores of countries. It was the period that revealed that visual content is even as important as the song.

No one has to wait for tapes, CDs, or radio play to get along with the latest musical trends. The internet-powered social media can shoot anyone into the limelight out of nowhere.

Let’s look at what technology is doing to the music promotion space;

  • Placing Music Promotion and Marketing Into The Hands of Artists

The success of any indie artist today lies in their hands, it’s a factor of how many technological tools they are ready to embrace and master. When we refer to technology in this context, we will be referring to the internet and social media.

Since the coming of the internet, connecting and forging friendships with people on the other side of the world is made possible. This is what smart musicians can leverage on without the backing of a major label.

There is no need to be discovered as talent scouts, or A & R representatives as people are looking to discover new artists via the internet.

  • How Any Artist or Song Can Go Viral

This is the high point of what technology has made of the music industry. All thanks to YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, an unknown song can generate massive followers and listeners out of nowhere.

The internet is powerful enough to make any artist, or any song a massive hit. That’s why the internet and social media are part of the start-up kit of any artist today. There’s a huge bias for social media music promotion and marketing, that’s due to the proven results and impact.

Rarely will you find any artist without a social media presence. As part of the press kit of any artist, there must be a website and a strong social media presence.

  • Ability to Market and Sell Music Without Radio Promotion

Gone are the days when artists look forward to being on the radio. In today’s world, an artist will prefer to have their music on streaming websites, social media, or music sharing platforms. The internet has relegated the role of radio and music distribution companies to the lowest minimum.

Not that no one listens to the radio anymore. However, everyone is on social media and uses the internet daily. An average person spends not less than three hours on social media every day. There’s no better place to be as an artist outside of social media and the internet.

With the rate at which streaming revenue has grown over the years, artists prefer to stay independent rather than find themselves within a profit-sharing agreement with labels.

  • The Hunger For Visual Contents

The power of visuals in music promotion is at an all-time high. We are in the age of social media and it’s aiding the growth of visual content. Yes, there used to be music videos before the age of the internet, but visual content has emerged to be king.

Visual content isn’t just videos, there’s more; album art, web series, photos, acoustic videos, and performance videos. Look at the possibilities TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram have given artists. It’s a factor of how far you are ready to explore as an artist.

There’s no better way to maintain a steady fan engagement than a mix of high-quality visual content. Your target audience is in constant readiness to consume visuals. With visuals aided by technology, artists can grow their fanbase and land career opportunities.